Turning 30… Getting BRAVE!


courtneyturns30As my 30th birthday approached, I decided that I was not going to sulk into thirty. I wanted to go in with a BANG! And goodness, my husband made that happen by throwing me a huge surprise party. He nailed it. All my favorite things: my friends, fresh flowers, Fong’s pizza (Crab Rangoon, of course!), and for the Instagram junkie in me, he made a hashtag for the party and had it printed on napkins. #mindblown

After the sugar rush from the cupcakes wore off, my birthday adventure really had just begun. I had to get packing for my first trip that I would be going on by myself, as an adult. I was going with a friend, but no husband, no kids. Just me. I. Was. Scared. I was also REALLY excited to not be responsible for anyone besides myself, but still pretty nervous to go on this adventure to Austin. This is when I decided I needed to be brave and TRY NEW THINGS!

Here are a few benefits I have reaped from trying new things:

Total confidence builder. Trying something new gives you this sense of, “Oh my goodness, I just rocked that!” It puts a little pep in your step and a smile on your face. Let’s be honest, a smile is one of the best accessories we have!

Takes away fears. I love taking the power out of fear. It is, well… empowering! For example, I went to my first ever craw fish boil while in Austin. I was completely disgusted and terrified to be even touching these creatures. Before I knew it, I was ripping heads off those little guys and eating them. Was I still a little icked out? YES! But did I feel like I could do just about anything? Absolutely. That was just the start of my trying new things.crawfish

Bring on the JOY! I am so happy after trying something new. I swear it just radiates off me. That can’t be a bad thing, can it?!

I am not just a mom. Wowza. I needed this reminder. Sometimes I am just referred to as Finnean and Hutchinson’s mom. Do you ever get that? Yes, I do love being their mom, but that doesn’t need to be my only identity. Trying new things reminded me that I am also Courtney. I can still be a mom, a wife, and a business owner, but I can also define myself by adding a little bit of something that is just for me.

Teaches my kids to be brave. So, my previous point was not entirely true – being brave is also fantastic for your kiddos. I have seen this over and over again with my boys. This weekend, I told Finnean that I was going to try knee boarding and he could go tubing if he wanted. He was a little nervous (just like me), but I just know that my sense of adventure rubbed off on him and gave him the courage he needed to try something new as well! The smile on his face when he climbed back into the boat after tubing was absolutely priceless. I am guessing it looked a lot like mine after I got up on the knee board! We made some amazing memories by doing something a little out of our comfort zone, and I know we will remember that afternoon for a long time.

So whether you are trying a new food or heading out on a vacation by yourself, just do it. There are plenty of positives to come out of your adventures. It is invigorating and, honestly, it’s good for your soul.

I want to know, what new things have YOU tried in the past year?




  1. Great post, Courtney! I’m heading out for my first baby-free trip this weekend with my husband and 3 other couples and I’m so excited but I’m also terrified of how much I’ll miss my little guy. This post is exactly what I needed to hear. We’re going to a lake to so who knows…maybe I’ll try knee-boarding:).

    • Libby- YES! How exciting that you are getting away this weekend. It is hard (especially that first time) but it is so refreshing. Soak up the time with your friends and husband and YES…go knee boarding! Enjoy! -Courtney


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