Top 10 TV Shows to Watch This Fall


top-10-TV-showsFall is a great time to make a big pot of soup and snuggle in with some good TV. Television shows have really upped their game recently. Now people are watching (and streaming) more shows than ever.

Here are a few TV shows worth getting addicted to this fall.

10. “Supernatural” (The CW, Netflix)

There must be a reason this show has had 12 seasons. It features two brothers who hunt demons and monsters.

9. “Designated Survivor” (ABC, Hulu Plus)

A bomb kills the President and the entire cabinet. Now who will take over the country? The designated survivor. This show is in its first season on ABC.

8. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC, Netflix)

Grey’s has been on for 12 seasons now. If you still haven’t watched or want to catch up, you can watch 11 seasons on Netflix and learn tons of medical terms and what happens with surgeons at Seattle’s largest hospital. And the love triangles.

7. “Gilmore Girls” (Netflix)

Stars Hallow is the beautiful town we all wish we could live in. You’d better rewatch a few episodes before the GG revival comes out at the end of the month. Watch all seven seasons on Netflix and continue to swoon over Luke.

6. “Stranger Things” (Netflix)

If you haven’t already watched this show, do it. Don’t like sci-fi stuff? Me neither, but I really felt compelled by the characters. It has been picked up for a second season that will be released in 2017.

5. “Narcos” (Netflix)

In its second season, “Narcos” is about the inside drama with the Colombian drug cartel. Prepare to binge accordingly.

4. “Wentworth” (Netflix)

Do you like “Orange is the New Black”? Then give this a shot. It shares the story of an innocent woman in a rough and tumble woman’s prison.

3. “American Horror Story” (FX, Netflix)

Like to be scared? This show is in its sixth season, with each season being a different story line. I hear even Lady Gaga is in a season.

2. “Shameless” (Showtime, Netflix)

All of my friends keep raving about this one. It’s about a dysfunctional family in Chicago, starring William H. Macy.

1. “This Is Us” (NBC, Hulu Plus)

Filling the void for those of us missing “Parenthood”, in steps this ensemble cast of characters that we feel connected to. Give this one a try and get hooked.

What TV shows are you currently watching?




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