Top 10 Reasons Why Date Nights Rule


datenightsBefore I became a parent I didn’t consider dinner out with my husband a big deal. We went all the time. We would leisurely look at the menu, take our time with appetizers and dessert, and maybe even rent a movie on our way home. Now as a parent I think about, What’s their kid menu like? Are there booster seats? Does the food come quickly? And 9 times out of 10, it is easier to make dinner at home.

But… there is a solution. A date night. Have you heard of this? Your kids have a babysitter and you and your spouse get to enjoy an evening of an evening free from whining, Caillou, and diapers. My husband and I try for a date night once a month to recharge, connect, and enjoy each other. And this, my friends, is how date nights have saved my life.

10. No kids’ menu? No problem.

So you’ve checked out a prospective menu online before your date. There is no kids’ menu. Hey, no problem. Your kid is home eating mac and cheese with Grandma.

9. Reservations

With children you want in and out fast. But on a date night you can take your time, have a stroll before your 7 p.m. reservations. No need to worry about putting the kids to bed on time.

8. Dressing up

I can retire the jeans and sweatpants for a night and actually put on a dress. Oh, and makeup. It feels good to get gussied up once and a while.

7. Trying something new

You can be adventurous. Try somewhere new. Long wait at the new restaurant? Grab a drink and your honey. Time to spend some actual time talking to each other.

6. No time limit

Again, you don’t have to rush home to get the kids in bed by 7:30. Enjoy a five-course meal if you want. Take a break—you deserve it.

5. Opening doors

Does your husband do this? Mine will on occasion. Sure, I can open it on my own, but if I don’t have to shove a kid in a car seat, I’ll take the nice gesture.

4. Wine

Do I have to say more on this?

3. Leftovers

Most of the time I leave date night with a to-go box holding my leftovers. These are good for the next day’s lunch and to reminisce about my fun night.

2. Movies AT A THEATER

That’s right. And it’s not a kid’s movie. Go see that movie you’ve been seeing the commercials for, but thought you would until Redbox or Netflix. And don’t forget the popcorn.

1. Sleeping in

…if you’re lucky enough like us. Our family takes our son for overnight almost every date night. Not only do they get to spend time with him, but we get to sleep in, too. No alarm clock, no kids waking us up. Pure heaven.

What fun things have you done on date nights?


  1. My husband and I often enjoy doing date night in. We put the kids to bed and head to the basement for a movie night. That’s actually our plan for tonight! Can’t wait! (We have Mockingjay Part I on hold at Redbox! Just came out today!)


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