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For many, 2021 has been a challenging year, following an even harder year. 

While much of the stress and uncertainty of living in a pandemic has remained, there have been many bright spots in 2021. Most kids are back in school (hallelujah!), there is a vaccine for ages 5 and up, and many of us are able to see loved ones in person again for the holidays. 

The mission of Des Moines Mom continues to be creating a space for local moms to hear and be heard without judgment. Whether you have young kids or school-aged kids, work outside the home or stay home, are single or divorced, we are all just doing our best to raise our kids with love and take care of ourselves!

These stories are only a sample of Des Moines Mom. Our contributors share personal stories of loss, victory, tips, tricks, and humor. They offer a glimpse of what it looks like to be a mom in Des Moines!

Before we turn the page on 2021, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the highlights of the year. What were your favorite articles?

Here are the 10 most-read posts from 2021

red phone with cord geriatric millenial mom

Are You a Geriatric Millenial Mom?

If you were born in the early ’80s you can probably relate!

Our Journey with PANDAS

Learn about this life-changing, mind-numbing, hidden disease.

Dr. Seuss

Should We Celebrate Dr. Seuss?

Is it time to reconsider the books on your kids’ shelves?

laundry stripping

Why I Tried Laundry Stripping

One mom sees if this laundry trend lives up to the hype.

teens at high school dance. Des Moines Mom

Lessons from Loss

When I was 17, I lost my best friend, my rock, my brother. It was an unimaginable loss. 

girl getting ears pierced Des Moines Mom

What I Learned When My Daughter Got Her Ears Pierced

Everything you need to know before getting your ears pierced.

woman getting chemo Des Moines Mom

Surviving Breast Cancer During a Pandemic

You have cancer. 3 words no one wants to hear. One mom shares her story. 

mom swim suit

The Best Swimsuits for Moms

Cute swimsuits for moms do exist. Here are some of our favorites. 

Living with Loss

The words ring in my ears “your baby has no heartbeat.” 


One Family's Unschooling Journey

Why we decided to pull our kids out of public school. 


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