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Every year is full of challenges and celebrations and 2019 is no different. Before we start 2020–a new decade!–we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the highlights of 2019.

Our vision is to create a space for Des Moines moms to hear and be heard without judgment. Whether you have young kids or school-aged kids, work outside the home or stay home, are single or divorced, we are all just doing our best to raise our kids with love and take care of ourselves!

These stories are only a sample of Des Moines Moms Blog. Our contributors share personal stories of loss, victory, tips, tricks, and humor. They offer a glimpse of what it looks like to be a mom in Des Moines!

Here are 10 of the most-read posts from 2019

Infant loss

Honoring Hudson

Hudson’s life, however short it may have been, was lived to the fullest.

real mom bods

Real Mom Bods

Celebrate real moms, stretchmarks and all. Our bodies are strong and beautiful, no matter what size!

call 911

Can Your Kids Dial 9-1-1?

When I asked my son to dial 9-1-1 he didn’t know how. He couldn’t find the phone on my smartphone. 

donate Des Moines

Alternative Places to Donate in Des Moines

Are you embracing the Marie Kondo movement and purging? Here are some good places to take your unwanted things around the metro. 

teacher gifts

Teacher Gift Ideas from a Teacher

Looking for a great gift for teachers or caretakers they will appreciate? Here’s our list!

washing hair

I Stopped Washing My Hair Every Day

When I stopped washing my hair every day my color held longer, my hair felt healthier, I got more creative with how I styled it, and I saved time!


How to Hygge

Hygge (HOO-gah) is the Danish concept of living an intentionally cozy life. It is the feeling that you are home and safe and more. 

bonding with preteen des moines moms blog

How to Bond with a Pre-Teen

Worried your middle schooler will think he’s too cool to hang out with “mom”? Here are 6 ways to bond with your pre-teen. 

molluscum contagium

Molluscum Contagiosum

This viral skin infection appears as small smooth nodules on the skin. They are mostly painless, depending on their location but they are pesky. 

new in des moines

6 New Things in Des Moines in 2019

Des Moines is a “small” big city. It has plenty of amenities found in bigger cities without crazy traffic and high prices. Here are some of our favorite new businesses. 

Thanks for a great year! We’re looking forward to 2020!


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