7 Tips for Flying with Young Kids


flying with young kidsMy family recently flew to Florida for a trip that was canceled the year before due to Covid. Like us, it seems as though many families are starting to travel again. Traveling with three young kids (or any number of young kids) comes with a lot of planning and organizing.

Tips for Flying with Young Kids

While I am no expert, these are seven tips for flying with young kids that worked for our family.

1. Check as much as you can. With three littles, our hands were full just trying to keep kids from touching everything and taking them potty and feeding them snacks, etc. We decided to check our luggage and only carry backpacks with the necessary items for the flight. Also, check your individual airline’s policy on checking items for children. They will often allow you to check strollers and car seats for free.

2. Take a stroller. It was so nice to be able to buckle in and push a kid (or two). Airlines allow you to check a stroller (again, for free!) at the gate when you get on the plane. Or check out this awesome stroller that fits in the overhead bins. Also, depending on where you are on vacation, it is nice to have your own stroller once you get there as well.

3. Something familiar. Make sure to pack something familiar for each kid. This could be a favorite toy or book or stuffed animal. My kids LOVE their blankets, so we made sure to pack them in our carry-ons to have on the plane.

4. Something new. Keeping kids happy and busy on airplanes is a full-time job. Go to the dollar store or dollar Target section to grab some cheap and new toys or coloring books. Keep them hidden until your kid needs a distraction. They’ll be excited to have something fun and new.

5. Snacks. All the snacks. Is it just my kids or do your kids become starving the moment they get bored? You can also take refillable water bottles and fill them up once you are past security. Don’t forget suckers or gum or something to suck on to keep their ears from popping.

6. Extra sets of clothes. Kids have accidents. Kids get sick. Come prepared with extra clothes for kids AND you. It’s more to pack in your carry-on, but you’ll be grateful to have it if an accident happens on the plane.

7. Shows/Movies. If you are taking a tablet, make sure to download some movies or shows before you head to the airport. If you have apps like Netflix or Disney+, you can download for free and watch without WIFI on the plane.

Be patient

Remember to pack your patience. A day of travel on airplanes can be a lot. Add kids to the mix, and it’s downright exhausting. After a year or more of barely leaving our homes, traveling brings a lot of new, exciting, and sometimes scary moments for kids (and adults).

You know your kids best, so plan accordingly for their individual needs and preferences. Set some of your normal expectations aside for a day, don’t panic if everything doesn’t go according to plan, and take in some of these fun and new experiences through the eyes of your kids.

Do you have any other tips for flying with young kids?


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