Things That Go! July 2015 Play Date Recap


It turns out that a lot of our readers…

…have littles who love things that GO-GO-GO! 

Playground Smiles

…have kiddos who definitely think a car wash big enough to wash a BUS is the coolest.thing.ever!

Cyride RiderCyRide Crew

…admit to loving frozen treats and being slightly obsessed with food trucks!


Thanks to our sponsor, Fortress Wealth Management, almost 60 mamas and kiddos were able to enjoy a CyRide tour and treat from Kona Ice Truck. We had a blast at our first Ames play date!

We know that the businesses that come on board with our play dates love our central Iowa families and are excited to provide them with excellent services and products. Check them out!

About Our Sponsor: Fortress Wealth Management

Tim Hibbing The goal of Fortress Wealth Management is to provide your family or business, large or small, with a menu of insurance and financial solutions that fit your definition of risk and reward. Our product suite can give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy life.

Tim grew up in Ames, got his start with insurance in Des Moines, and is a dad to four, so he knows how little time parents have to deal with insurance. If it’s been a while since you’ve shopped, or you’re paying four figures for house insurance, you owe it to yourself to ask Tim to shop rates for you — and screaming kids in the background are welcome!

One in ten people who shop with Tim Hibbing save over $1,000 per year, and nine in ten save at least $100. Contrary to public opinion, we don’t need you to scan a thousand pages or pull together a big file of numbers. This is 2015!

You can contact Tim and learn more about the great benefits his firm can offer by calling (515) 290-2900, emailing [email protected], or following Fortress Wealth Management on Facebook!

About Our Hosts: Cy-Ride & Kona Ice

CyRide Logo

CyRide is the city bus system for Ames, Iowa. It is a collaboration between the City of Ames, Iowa State University (ISU), and ISU’s Government of the Student Body (GSB). In 2014, CyRide transported 6,619,182 passengers! In addition, it’s placed and won several years in the International Community Transportation Roadeo (you learn something new every day!).



Kona Ice LogoKona Ice is a mobile food truck that brings the fun and shaved ice to you and your event! Kona Ice is available for small and large parties, sports events, corporate events, daycare visits, or whatever you can dream up. Let us know if you want to cool things down at your next get together!

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