The Top Five Reasons I’m Excited for Mom’s Night Out Tonight!


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I’m so excited for tonight’s event! Here’s a few reasons why:

5. Yummy food and drinks!

I am excited to sample both Louie’s Wine Dive and Sweet Binneys tonight!  I have heard rave reviews about both…but because I am a mother of 3, I have yet to try either!  I am worried that I might become a frequent visitor to both.

Jasper Winery wine…I have been lucky enough to have a sweet hubby who picks up a bottle (or two) to surprise me from time to time!  Not only is it delicious…it is also LOCAL!  Wine + Local= doesn’t get much better!

ruth harbor logo resize 300x2064. Giving back.

I am SUPER excited that we are giving back by donating personal care and baby items to Ruth Harbor Home!  I hope we overwhelm them with items!

Needed items include: shampoo/conditioner, body wash, lotion, diapers, wipes, etc.  Needs also include new or gently used women and infant clothing.  Totally optional but we’d love to bless them with a whole bunch of items!

3.  A night with no kids.

Do I need to elaborate on this?  We have been hit five different times with the stomach flu during this longest-winter-of-my-life.  I think Moms Night Out is well earned/deserved.  LOL!

2. Celebrating motherhood.

My most favorite thing about DMMB is its ability to connect local moms (or soon-to-be moms or someday moms).  It is so fun to get out and celebrate one thing we all have in common!1. Meeting you!

I am REALLY, really, REALLY excited to meet our readers!  Our readers are the reason we are doing what we do!  Really, we love you guys!

It’s not too late to get your tickets so register here now and join us for an amazing night!

See you tonight!! The fun starts at 7pm.

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Katie Evans is a twenty-something, Iowa lovin’, native (born and bred!), momma of three-Hallie (January 2008) Harper (December 2009) and Bowen (October 2011). She is also head-over-heels in love with her hunky, guitar-playing hubby, Jon; they’ve been married for five years. Beyond being a passionate mom and wife, she has a heart for women and can often be found lost in good conversation about babies, husbands, recipes, life, love, etc.


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