The Secret to My Shape: It’s Body by Baby!


You may be familiar with the Body by Vi fitness and weight loss program. Honestly, I’ve never tried it. But, I have undergone several years with another program that you may not be as familiar with.

It’s called Body by Baby. And, oh, no, it’s not a special diet or exercise program. Instead, it’s just the real, end result of what you have after you carry and birth a child or two (or four in my case). See if maybe some of this program’s unique markings have shown up on your post-baby body….

Abstract Abs

Of all the fitness programs I’ve tried, nothing has ever changed my abs in the same way that Body by Baby has. You see, my stomach used to lie flat in a way that allowed me the freedom to button my pants closed or even wear a bikini. But, now, thanks to Body by Baby, those abs aren’t deflated anymore. No longer will people wonder if I’ve had enough to eat, because the puffy pooch around my mid-section shows them I’ve got fat stockpiled in case of sudden famine.

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Body by Baby also helped me separate my abdominal muscles in ways I never knew I could. What a great pool party trick to be able to show people how, thanks to my diastasis recti, I can stick my finger straight into my mid-section at least two inches deep. Ahhh-mazing!

Freakish Foot Changes

Then there is the amazing thing that Body by Baby did to my feet: they went from a size 7 1/2 to a size 9. Fabulous, right? And, my stick straight hair. Yep. Body by Baby took care of that, too. Now I’m as curly as they come. (Well, at least in the back; the front is still straight, offering me tremendous styling versatility.)

Bras Are for Stuffing

I almost forgot to mention all the fabulous things that the Body by Baby program does for your breasts. Enhancement doesn’t quite capture the essence of the change. In my case, Body by Baby allowed me the freedom to have a lot more room inside my bra cup. In fact, thanks to Body by Baby, I have enough extra room in my old brassieres to carry a spit-up cloth or even an extra diaper. How convenient is that?

Or, I could just carry a wad of cash in there, because Body by Baby didn’t cost me a penny. No, it was all included in the price of my pregnancy and delivery. I did waste a few dollars a month on some stretch mark butter, but Body by Baby seemed to outsmart them by strategically placing those stretch marks in places I would have never thought to rub the cream.

But, wait. There’s more…. (As if all that isn’t enough).

If you join the Body by Baby program today, you may not only get stretch marks, but you may also find yourself with other, permanent skin reminders of the children you carry and birth. Included in my first Body by Baby try came a six-inch long C-section scar and fourteen of these weird little red age spots. Bonus, right? 

I know what you are thinking. Why would anyone sign up for that program?

We live in an era where women are getting plastic surgery to look better in Facebook selfies and high school girls are asking for boob jobs as graduation gifts. But, here’s the truth: Body by Baby is what facilitated my journey into motherhood. My mommy belly, my depleted nursing boobs, and even my funky hair are all a result of bringing new life into this world.

Frankly, they are just a small part of the physical sacrifice that we moms make for our children every. single. day. Bags under my eyes, extra pounds from lunching on their table scraps instead of throwing them away, and gray hair are all a part of the package.

The Secret to My Shape: It's Body by Baby!

So, what’s a mom to do when she feels like she can’t keep up with the magazine covers and she’s tired of fighting with abs that won’t sculpt and breasts that won’t lift?

She should relax.

She should give herself grace that most women — and I mean 99 percent — don’t look like a celebrity six months or even six years after giving birth.

You see, Body by Baby may not have improved my physical appearance by Hollywood’s standards, but that’s okay. I know that’s not what’s most important. I know that’s not where my value is found.

We are more than our dress sizes and stretchmarks. We are mothers. Women. Nurturers of life.

And, our baby-sculpted bodies are just a part of the package.

What do you think?

Meet Guest Blogger Heather Creekmore

Heather Creekmore headshotHeather is passionate about helping women who struggle with their body image and has recently completed her first book on the topic. She’s a group fitness instructor, speaker, mother of four, wife to Eric (a Marine fighter pilot-turned-pastor), and public relations representative for Dallas Moms Blog. During her single years, Heather spent more than a decade working in politics and non-profit management. She much prefers being a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom (but thinks it’s more difficult!). Follow her blog about body image, motherhood, and faith at “Working Out Love,”  or connect with her via Facebook or Twitter.



  1. Thank you! This was just what I needed today. I had 2 little ones back to back (14 months apart) and now that my youngest is almost 8 months, I am really able to see the “Benefits” of Body by Baby. It can get hard one on, especially during bikini season and all. I wouldn’t change it for the world, but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking of my former body!


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