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The Perfect Holiday Party?

Hmmm. Well, I’m pretty sure that I don’t believe in anything in life being perfect, but how about a really kickin’ holiday party?

Here are the things I think you really need in order create that fabulous evening of joy:

A theme.

You totally need a theme. A theme makes everything more fun! First you need to decide—are you going to make this a couples party, or keep it strictly to the ladies in your life. From there, you can decide on invitations (or, if you’re like me, E-vites), decorations, and the menu.

Here are a few of my favorite theme ideas this year:

Christmas Jammies: Throw on some festive pajamas, have everyone over for a nightcap, and no one feels guilty for not staying out that late!

Reverse Christmas in July: Think summer for this theme party! Bring out the beach balls, the shorts, sundresses, and flip flops. Go to your happy place and pretend it’s not -20 degrees outside.

Little Black Dress Cocktail Party: I love a reason for getting dressed up. I don’t have many occasions to do this any more… so I like to make up a reason. Go ahead, pretend you’re super fancy-schmancy even if it’s just for one night and you have to go back to cleaning up child messes the following day.

Choose Your Own Decade: Again… I love to dress up! Choose a decade and tell your guests to dress as flappers, mobsters, characters from Mad Men, hippies, totally 80s, grunge-style…. Lots of fun things you could do with this theme.

Party for a Cause: Pick a charity, find a way to raise money/make items (blankets, hats, scarves, etc.)/prepare supplies or care packages all while hanging out with good friends and good food. Speaking of….


Oh, for the love of party food! I have a few simple holiday must-haves in my recipe box and some tried and true ideas from dear friends. Here are some of my favorites that I know are simple, sure-fire holiday hits!

Additional ideas (that can be store-bought):

  • Relish Tray
  • Assorted meats and cheeses
  • Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip
  • Mini quiches


Christmas Cocktail
Candy Cane Swirl

Yep. A standout party has memorable drinks! Here are a few that mean Christmastime to me.


I don’t like to go too overboard, but do like to have a little fun. Less can be more in my opinion.

Party 411 is a website with a few good ideas, but if you have a good theme, decorations can be instrumental in pulling it all together!

What are some of your ideas for a really kickin’ holiday party?

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