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We celebrated our daughter’s birthday this past weekend. It seems like only yesterday she weighed 3 pounds and our home was the NICU at Blank Children’s Hospital and here we are today, already 3 years old! I love celebrating her every day, but especially, on her birthday!

I had the opportunity to get my hands on this magical book called The Night Before My Birthday – A book written to celebrate those wonderful milestones in the lives of our little ones.

This book is a way of creating a new tradition for all families; one based on the celebration of your cherished child. The book is to be read on the eve of the birthday while your young one is tucked in bed, full of anticipation. It is a night of transition, birthday wishes, and dreams as your child prepares to go to sleep and magically wake up one year older.

My Experience

This is so much more than a ‘book’. It is a timeless keepsake for any child and family to share for years. I’m so honored to have had the chance to learn about it!

In coordinating this giveaway, I had the pleasure of working directly with the Author, Joni Rubinstein – wife, mother, and elementary school counselor. She is talented, generous, and leads an amazing program called Supporting Dreams. Portions of the sales of  her books are donated to charitable organizations that support children’s health, safety, and well being through research and responsive services. Please read more about this very unique and impressive company on their website.

From the Author – Joni Rubinstein:

“This book is based on a tradition in my family of reading a little poem I saw in a magazine long ago to my children each birthday eve. Six years ago, following the birth of my oldest daughter’s friend’s baby boy, I started to think about how to continue this tradition with another generation. I decided then to write a long poem that could be made into a book and started a two year journey in creating and self- publishing The Night Before My Birthday Book.

It was a great learning curve and process that was very enlightening and a labor of love. I found a wonderful illustrator, Juana Martinez-Neal, and she was able to make the pictures in my head come to life beyond my imagination.

What makes this book unique is that it looks like a children’s book but it really a family book, a tradition, and a keepsake. There are pages to personalize and record milestones and dreams that come true each year making it a childhood treasure. This is a tradition in my family to this day; no one really outgrows some extra love on their birthday.

My goal in writing this book was to create a tradition for all families that celebrates the birth of a child and becoming a family.

At the same time I wanted to support organizations that help children reach more birthdays through research and direct services. This is my Supporting Dreams program.  I have been able to do both through sales of the book and it has been very touching to share this family tradition beyond my own family. In my work I am committed to supporting families in creating traditions that celebrate love, attachment, and respect.”

A Perfect Gift & Keepsake

This would be an amazing gift for any new baby, 1st or any other birthday and/or special celebration! The book comes in paperback or a special hardcover Keepsake Edition.

You can learn more about the book, the author and illustrator, and the Supporting Dreams Program on the website.

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Joni’s is graciously giving away one Hardcover Keepsake Edition of The Night Before My Birthday Book today!

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  1. Birthdays are getting so fun as my kids get older. I love seeing how excited they are over even the smallest things. It is a special time to celebrate these precious miracles we get to call our children.

  2. As the years come the more fun birthdays are for our son. He loves themes and we plan accordingly. This next birthday will be Curious George. Last year was Star Wars….He’s all boy with his themes.


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