The Juggling Act: New Year’s Resolutions and Reality


With the New Year upon us, now comes the resolutions and finding the motivation to make changes.  The juggling act…work, home, spiritual growth, husband, kids, and fitness.  Oh my!  How can you squeeze more in?  If you choose to change, be it at any time of the year, you need to have a plan that is realistic and fits the priorities of your life.

As a working mom of 3, the “sticking to it” becomes more of a struggle as the kids’ activities ramp up, work demands become greater, and my desire to stay sane is a necessity.  My struggles seem to be the balancing act of work, spiritual growth, personal fitness, keeping my household running smoothly, being a loving wife and mother, and eating right.

Personally, fitness is always the biggest struggle to keep constant in my life.  When all else needs attention I tend to, as do all moms do, put my own needs aside for everyone else.  I am far from perfect and as they say, “life happens”. I may go 3 days a week, 1 week, 1 month without working out to get other things in check.  Sometimes that is part of life as long as it doesn’t become a common complacency.

I know I am more self-disciplined in all areas when I am working out and keeping myself mentally and physically “in shape”.  My job is physical, so work becomes more difficult if I don’t stay in shape.  When patients ask you if you workout…you bet I’m humbled when I am not active at the time.  When I am zapped of energy because I am not physically in shape my emotional responses to my children and husband suffer.  My children are always watching and are modeling my behavior so that places a greater desire for me to be healthy. As you can see, it all works in a circle and like a tire when part of it is missing it all goes flat.

The last 12 years my husband has worked evenings or midnights and I’m up at 5 am just to get to work on time.  That kind of schedule makes it hard to workout during “normal hours” and most gyms are not open at 11:30 pm.  No matter what the schedule, I workout when I can and where I can.  Working out “quietly” in the living room or basement, running on the treadmill, or exercising in the garage are all options when the gym or your favorite workout class doesn’t work for you and life’s schedule.  There is always down time. It is what you choose to do with it that matters most.  As busy moms you need to take care of yourself, so decide what that is and use that down time effectively.

Whatever you have “resolved” to do or change, make it realistic for you and your family.  Make sure you are making these changes with life’s priorities in mind and keep them in the right order…or they will demand that you do.  Have a great start and a strong finish to 2013, happy New Year!


Meet Guest Blogger Amy Entrekin

Amy Entrekin is an Iowa native farm-girl that has moved to the suburbs.  She graduated from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX where she met her husband Aaron.  She won over the Texas man who moved to Iowa and they now live in Ankeny, IA with their three children Eric (December 2004), Ava (February 2007), and Evan (November 2008).

Amy is a physical therapist at Johnston Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.  She is passionate about helping people regain an active lifestyle after an injury as well as educating them on prevention and general wellness.

She has been blessed with the opportunity to work in a field she is passionate about on a part-time basis while spending time being a full-time mom.  She enjoys serving others and being involved in their church (First Family Church). You never know who God has placed in your path today to serve, so let’s get ready and get our hands dirty.



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