The Art of Family Portraits with Lav & Lime Studio


family portraits“I believe everyone is a beautiful individual full of life-defining stories, even our littlest clients.”

Hi friends, my name is Anj Olson. I’m the photographer at Lav & Lime Studio; a fine art studio specializing in newborn, family, and headshot/branding photography in Ankeny, Iowa. I’m a wife, mama to a brood of boys, lover of all things Wes Anderson, a passionate storyteller, and an award-winning professional photographer. 

My studio was founded in 2012, inspired by my love for reading. I imagined a children’s story of a young girl named Lavender and her imaginary friend, a frog named Lime. Lavender’s curiosity would take her and Lime on vibrant adventures both imaginative and real. Someday I’ll write this book, but for now, the joy of discovering and developing these two characters has inspired both the name and vibe for the studio.

Portrait Spaces

I love designing portrait spaces for my clients. The focus of L&L is printed Wall Art and Table Art. The L&L process walks you through how to start your portrait journey with a plan. All sessions at L&L include portrait styling and we offer a full range of products to fit a variety of aesthetics and styles. Here are some tips on your quest for gorgeous portrait decor. 

  • Walk your home and note blank wall spaces in hallways and rooms; near windows, shelves, mantels; behind furniture, etc. In these spaces, hang large, medium, and small sheets of paper on the wall to help you envision the sizes and places to hang your portraits. 
  • Think about your favorite spaces in your home. Your portraits should be where you spend your time so you have the pleasure of enjoying them every day.
  • Observe your decor. What style do you like? What colors are you drawn to? What materials are in your home? Take notes – you may realize things about your design style that you never realized!
  • Once you’ve taken a walk through your home, choose one wall to start with. It can be overwhelming and difficult to finish a wall when multiple projects are started! 
  • Adding dimension is important – incorporating shelving, floral arrangements, books, and oddities can help a wall tell your story.
  • Get inspired!! Find spaces you enjoy and admire and create a mood board to help you visually discern your portrait goals. Pinterest is a great tool for quick and easy digital mood boards. 

I adore tangible art and the studio allows me to manifest that for you. It allows me to create fine art from those you love for your walls, for your tables, and your intimate spaces. My Mama life is a mix of beauty and chaos – depending on the day the scale can tip one way or the other. Seeing my babies and husband (and myself!) on the walls during all my moments has become a tether to our foundation of joy and family love. 


I would love to tell your portrait story. You can peruse my work at, connect with me at [email protected], follow me on Instagram (@lavandlime), and find me on Facebook (Lav & Lime Studio). I can’t wait to connect with you.



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