The 5 Text Threads Every Mom Needs


woman wearing hat looking at phone. texting. Des Moines MomYes, we all stare at our screens too much. That being said, sometimes you need to share, vent, celebrate, or record, immediately.

And sometimes you need a response, immediately, perhaps paired with a timely and hilarious GIF to remind you: you are not alone.

That’s when texting comes in, at least for avowed social media hermits such as myself.

The following five text threads – among others – have saved my mom life on many occasions. There are days when these conversations are nonstop back and forth and other times when we don’t exchange messages for many weeks.  

5 Text Threads for Moms

Regardless of how frequently we engage, I can’t imagine parenting without them. 

  1. My Husband – Whether you live together or separate, your parental partner is someone who understands your child unlike anyone else. It’s their responsibility as much as yours to produce and refine this human. And no one else quite gets your kid in the same way.  Even a message as brief and context-free as “he’s doing it again” lands more meaningfully with a co-parent, which can be important when the “it” requires urgent attention. 
  2. Local Mom-In-The-Know – She is your lifeline to all things local. When you need sign your kid up for that activity six months before it actually starts, she’s reminds you. She knows where to get the best supplies at the best prices at the best time. Maybe you met in the pick-up line or the PTO meeting, or the playgroup, or the sidelines of your preferred sport, or somewhere online.  She is essential. (Shameless plug: If you don’t have one of these moms in your text conversations, Des Moines Mom can provide much of the same information!)
  3. Parents You’re Related To – This might be your sisters, sisters-in-law, cousins who are moms, brothers-in-law, whomever. Your children most likely share genetic material and holiday plans. They’re the ones who can remind you 10 years from now about that time your kid dropped trow at Grandma’s 70th birthday party. Because they were there. They will always be there.  Also, these texts are helpful when you’re planning that birthday party. And Father’s Day. And Sunday.
  4. Grandparents – These text threads are some of my favorites. It goes something like this: here’s our child doing any normal childhood thing. Are you not impressed? And they faithfully respond “yes, yes I am.” And I’ll flush with pride even knowing the extent of their exaggeration and unconditional agreement. I know we’re lucky to have four supportive and text-receptive grandparents for our children. 
  5. Moms-Who-Knew-You-Before-You-Were-Mom – These are the friends who will receive all your deepest, darkest secrets (the mom ones or otherwise) and reciprocate. They are the ones who will remind you that you are a person outside of motherhood. You might in fact not say anything at all about being a mom to these people because you exist outside of your children with them. It’s my happy place to “talk” all things work, hobby, and culture. An in-person happy hour might be better but texting offers a more frequent and schedule-friendly outlet.

So even if Mom is getting a little too much screen time on the days when these threads are fast and furious, I’d argue it’s just as important to get the companionship and adult perspective these conversations offer.

Who are your go-to texting companions?


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