Becoming the Teacher’s Pet


I currently have two school-aged, and public school attending, children. While some may cringe at that statement, we fully embrace it. We love hearing stories of what they did each day, what they learned, what “specials” (P.E., art, music, etc.) they had, showing us the library books they got to check out, sharing what their friend drew for them, and much more.

Each year, I try to think of ways to love on their teachers. How can I possibly thank this person for taking care of my child all day? For helping with all of her needs and teaching her more than just math and science? I compiled a small list of ways to be a part of the classroom and how to encourage and help those teachers.

Teacher Gifts
Teacher Gifts

1. Start the year off right!

I try to make or purchase a little something for the teacher at the beginning of the year. With those gifts, I give my email and cell number to open communication. Our school has a “meet the teacher” afternoon {usually the day before school starts} and a “Parent Night” a week or so later, where they encourage the kids not to come and they hold an informational meeting for parents. I have and will continue to make these meetings top priority. To learn about their daily schedule, to get to know the teacher a little, to show that we support that teacher, and we are eager to team up with them.

2. Sign up to volunteer.

There are usually a ton of needs at the beginning of the school year. Needs for the classroom, needs for parties, needs for volunteers for field trips, parties, etc. Sign up! Don’t be shy! This is a GREAT way to meet other parents, learn more about your child’s friends and to interact and see the teacher with the class.
I’m not sure exactly how it works… I assume each teacher is given certain supplies for their room, and anything outside of that, is out of their pockets. When teachers post a list of needs for the classroom, I make an effort to supply at least one item per quarter.

3. Reach out to them.cutting

After the first week of “back to school” chaos and adjustments, I make an effort to email their teachers and thank them for taking care of my girls all day, let them know my concerns and excitement for my girls and offer help. I love being able to come into their classrooms and help with an assessment or some reading. However, since having another baby, it’s not as easy as it used to be. I love offering to have them send things home with my daughter. Things I can cut, write or type out for them. They spend all day with a room full of children. When do they possibly have time to cut pages of laminated sight words??

4. Send treats.

Our school’s policy is that birthday treats and anything shared with the class MUST BE store bought and individually packaged. Homemade treats are not allowed. However, that only applies to the students. I like to make the teachers and staff treats whenever possible. If I make cookies or dessert at home, I send some with my daughter to give to her teacher. My girls LOVE surprising their teachers with yummy, homemade goodies; and their teachers have yet to say “no thank you”!

Making cookies
Making cookies

These are just a few, easy ways to become the “Teacher’s Pet”. What do you do to encourage and help your child’s teacher throughout the year?



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