Teachers, We Appreciate You


Teachers are amazing.

I am lucky to have had wonderful teachers throughout my life, blessed to have had phenomenal teachers working with my children, and fortunate to teach alongside educators who pour their heart and souls into the children coming into their classrooms each and every day.

This is my first year back in my own classroom after taking nine years off to raise my kids. I am reminded constantly of how much teachers do for their students every single day!

My colleagues get to school early, stay late, come in on the weekends, take piles of work home with them, tutor after hours, teach summer school, and take continuing education classes to advance their degrees or just to keep current on best practices of teaching. They spend countless hours planning, grading, tweaking lesson plans, reflecting, communicating with parents, and collaborating with peers to problem-solve about how to best fit the needs of their students. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

teachers we appreciate you: teacher appreciation

These heroes are in the trenches every day. No matter what age level, teachers have to be all in, and on their toes at all times. There are many moments when it’s all worth it, and then there are times when we ask ourselves if we have done enough.

Teaching is full of the highest highs and the lowest lows, but most educators I know wouldn’t want it any other way.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 – 12.

I love this chance to recognize some of the hardest working people I know. When I asked my teacher friends what their favorite gifts were, it was no surprise that the overwhelming majority loved getting personalized notes from their students and/or parents. Teaching is often a thankless job and a bit of encouragement goes a long way. Let those teachers know they’ve made a difference in your child’s life. After all, that’s why they do what they do!

If you are looking for some additional ways to show your appreciation for a teacher this year, here are some of the other ideas that have stood out, or are favorites with my colleagues.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Gift cards (Starbucks, Target, bookstores, or restaurants were mentioned as favorites)

Artwork/crafts from the student (cliche crayon wreaths included!)

Personalized stationery

Rubber stamp with a signature

A nice stapler (I had so many comments about this one!)

Fancy pens/sharpies/dry erase markers (again, teachers love office supplies!)

Anything that shows personality and that someone put some thought into what the teacher likes.

Whatever you do to show your appreciation, know that it is all treasured. (You may, however, want to check on your teacher’s mug supply before you go that route…)

Moms and teachers, what are some other ideas you’ve loved for teacher appreciation gifts?

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Jennifer is a single mom of two boys. She does her best to get to places on time, despite being a chronically late person and the fact that neither she or her boys are morning people. She recently went back into the classroom after staying home for nine years to raise her kids, and she credits her sanity and success at this endeavor to the fact that she has incredibly supportive parents, family, and friends. She also has a network of single moms that truly “get it” and who encourage her on a daily basis. When she’s not hanging out with her kiddos, Jennifer enjoys writing at a coffee shop, trying new restaurants, or catching up with friends.


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