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videoI LOVE looking at old photos. But now that my boys are teenagers, what I really love is watching the old videos.

Recently, a memory popped up on my phone. It was an old video I had taken of the boys when they were two and six years old. We watched it together and it made us crack up so much. 

We then proceeded to travel down the rabbit hole of going back to the oldest video saved on my phone, which was a video of my youngest explaining why he got time out. Another fit of cry-laughing ensued. We sat there for who knows how long, huddled around my phone watching and rewatching the random videos I have taken over the years, one after another.

Capture Everyday Moments

What struck me, is that the big moments we “think we need to record” were not even the videos we liked much at all. The videos of the mundane, of me asking them random questions, the videos of everyday activities that we used to enjoy were the ones we lingered on and wanted to replay over and over.

Sure, the videos of the Christmas program have their nostalgic place in our video collection, but they are not the videos we treasure the most. I love just listening to my boys’ little high-pitched voices. Whatever they said was adorably cute, no matter what it was. Our favorite videos by far are the ones where my youngest was being flat-out naughty. (How can they be SO cute when they are SO naughty???)

Take the Video

So, my advice to all the moms out there with young ones. Don’t be tethered to your phone, but make sure you are picking it up often to record snippets of your kids while they are little. You will not regret it. Even the “boring” stuff, especially the “boring” stuff, will bring a smile to your face ten years from now. And moms of older kids, take the time to sit down and watch those old videos from when your kids were tiny. They will enjoy it as much as you do.

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Jennifer is a single mom of two boys. She does her best to get to places on time, despite being a chronically late person and the fact that neither she or her boys are morning people. She recently went back into the classroom after staying home for nine years to raise her kids, and she credits her sanity and success at this endeavor to the fact that she has incredibly supportive parents, family, and friends. She also has a network of single moms that truly “get it” and who encourage her on a daily basis. When she’s not hanging out with her kiddos, Jennifer enjoys writing at a coffee shop, trying new restaurants, or catching up with friends.


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