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5 Tips for Family Vacation Survival

How am I going to survive this vacation? Why does it seem like going on a "relaxing" family vacation never ends up being relaxing for...

5 Tips for a Successful Family Road Trip

Raise your hand if you love a family road trip! My husband and I are both teachers. That means a couple things. First, we don't...

Guide to Des Moines Area Pools

Des Moines pools open June 1!  Before you head to one of the Des Moines Area pools to cool off, check out these tips. Refuel If you’re staying...

Guide to Des Moines Farmers Markets

Want to enjoy the benefits of a garden without the work? The farmers market scene in Des Moines ripe with markets for every taste. Get...

Des Moines Moms Guide to May Events 2019

May is a busy month! There are so many great events in and around Des Moines for families. Here are some of our favorite activities.

Summer Essentials for Moms On the Go

As a mom of three boys and a dual teacher family, we are on the go a lot. I no longer carry a diaper...

Favorite Beach Books

Hey Summer! Good to see you! If you’re like me, you love a good book that you can get lost in. Add in the sun,...

Summertime Mom

Overall, I would consider myself a pretty good mom. Of course, some days are better than others, but at the end of the day, I...

I Want a 1980s Summer For My Kids

When I grew up in the early 1980s, my mom would kick us kids out of the house every summer morning. The pool was...

4 Ways to Feel Better about Your Legs This Summer

My favorite thing about summer? SHORTS WEATHER! My least favorite thing about summer? Shorts weather.... Ugh. Anyone else feel less than lovely about her legs as soon...