The Best Swimsuits for Moms


swimsuits for momsPools will be open (check out our pool guide here), vacations are happening, and we’re all looking forward to some fun in the sun!

If your swimsuit has been in a drawer since 2019, you’re not alone. I promise you can find cute swimsuits for moms do exist. Here are a few tips to update your summer water attire. 

Best Swimsuits for Moms

The crop top

I cringed as I typed “crop top.” But, in swimwear, a longer bikini top paired with a high-waisted bottom creates a cute cross between a one-piece and a bikini. It’s especially nice if you want a one-piece look, but are too tall to find them!

I recently got this crop top in hot pink from Kiava and paired it with black high-waist bottoms. I also have this one from Target (it has straps and is longer than it looks) as a cheaper option to wear with plain high-waist bottoms from a couple summers ago. Finally, there’s this flounce racerback on Amazon that has over 9500 five-star reviews and is $25.

Before, during, and after baby

Albion makes a line of swimwear that stretches out with your baby bump and holds its shape after the baby is born. If you’re going to invest in a cute swimsuit you want to wear longer than a traditional maternity suit, this line may work for you!

I ordered this suit from Albion. It was great quality, adorable – but it didn’t quite work. The person in the picture is a lot shorter and smaller than I am.

The unicorn

If you haven’t heard about or seen someone in the Summersalt Sidestroke, you probably will this summer. I know several people who have one and they look amazing in them! I’ve never ordered it because it doesn’t have boob cups – but, the people who have them tell me the suit is compressive enough, you don’t need them. Their line has expanded to include more sizes, lengths, and styles.

Your Mom’s Store (Lands’ End)

You feel best in a swimsuit when it fits your body – so embrace your body and toss what size you “think” you should be out the window. Brands that sell swimwear in tall, petite, sizes past a 12, and where you can buy the tops separate from the bottoms can give you a really custom fit. I had to overcome my aversion to “my mom’s brand” (Lands’ End) from back in the day and realize their swim line is pretty great.

It takes a little digging on their website to find your perfect match but Lands’ End has so many options for sizing and style of swimsuits. Bikinis, one-pieces, skirts, swim-dresses, dress-kinis (a dress you wear with your own swim bottom) mastectomy options, and some that look nursing friendly. Plus, they’re always running sales!

Don’t Buy a Suit, Buy Accessories

An easy (and cheaper) way to update your swimwear is to buy a fun and on-trend coverup. I know people who love Cupshe for their cute, well-priced, and trendy swimwear. But, I have my eye on their adorable and well-priced coverups.

You could also add a hat like this one from Target or this floral baseball-style one on Amazon (I have two of them!).

Every hat needs a good pair of sunglasses to go with it. Out of all the possible summer gear I could buy, Blenders sunglasses are one of my absolute favorite things. My mom has Heart Rush, my sister-in-law has Alumni Queen, I have Lakey Motion and my dad has Black Tundra.

What do you love?

We’ve sat on the sidelines (or our couches) long enough. It’s time to get out and enjoy the water. Share away! What’s your favorite swimsuit, swim style, or warm-weather accessory? Swimsuits for moms don’t have to be boring!

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