Swimming Lessons at Foss Swim School

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Do your kids need to learn how to swim but didn’t have lessons this summer? Check out swimming lessons at Foss Swim School in Ankeny! Two local moms share what they loved about their kid’s swimming lessons at Foss.

One Family’s Experience at Foss Swim School

Before this, we had done swimming lessons through city park and rec with mom or dad in the water with our son. It was a great introduction but now son is almost 4. He’s ready to be more independent and get in the water on his own.

The Instructor

Our instructor was friendly and funny. She even knew exactly what character was on my son’s swim trunks which gained her bonus points.


Our instructor took the time to tell son the drill, show it, and ask him if he wanted to try. My son likes options, like any 3-year-old, and he loved knowing he could wait until he was ready. With encouragement and time he was fully engaged in each drill she showed him and she praised him for his effort.


Within weeks my son’s confidence in the water has grown and he understands his capabilities in the water. As a mom of a younger little, having my oldest understand what he knows how to do and what he still needs to learn is a HUGE plus.

Another Experience at Foss Swim School

We have two young boys who are learning to swim. They both had a great experience at Foss Swim School. My boys are strong-willed and thrive with one-on-one instruction. They also do great with encouragement and routine.

My six-year-old is looking to grow his skills as a swimmer, and my two-year-old needs to find a deeper comfort and greater respect for the water. I needed a swim school that was accommodating and chock-full of positivity.

Through lessons at Foss my six year old was able to learn and grow as a swimmer and gain loads of confidence along the way. I spent time in the water with my two-year-old and his instructor and was able to help teach him skills for survival and work on the basics of swimming. The songs and routine helped my boys know what to expect at lessons, and made it easier to practice our skills from week to week.


Knowing when we are around the water my children have more of a respect for the water, and are growing the abilities as swimmers, has me looking to sign up for another session at Foss!

Why We Love Swimming Lessons at Foss

  • Every employee and instructor were genuinely happy to see me and my child when we arrived. They smiled with their eyes (masks on) and engaged my child in conversation the minute we walked through the door and they remembered his name.
  • The staff was consistent with their expectations and teaching. They had my child in the same class, with the same instructor in the same “lane” for our classes. My child knew exactly how to succeed in the environment.
  • The instructor was personable and creative. She sang songs as my child floated on their back versus counting, she led with something my child loved and therefore made him enjoy the swimming drill.
  • The instructor told us what to work on at the end of each lesson in the bathtub or pool that would help him further the skills she was trying to help him develop.
  • Indoor pool. Completely a game-changer for us. No waiting to see if the rain would cancel a lesson, the facility was clean, bright, friendly, and clearly marked for social distancing. I saw employees wipe down every surface while we were there from benches to door handles.
  • All the communication was positive or constructive. Not only did my child feel welcomed but I could see on his face he was truly enjoying and felt comfortable with what he was doing.

How to sign up

Online enrollment is open now. Visit the website or call 515-724-7946 for more information.foss swim

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