SUE at SCI: Dinosaurs are Back at the Science Center

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SUE T. rexSUE can’t wait to eat, er… meet you!

The Science Center of Iowa has a new visitor: the largest, most complete, and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever found. That’s right… SUE is back at SCI!

SUE: The T. rex Experience invites visitors to step into the world of SUE the T. rex to uncover mysteries about the life of this fearsome fossil. SCI is the first stop on the brand new exhibit’s North American tour, and it will be on display through January 10, 2021.

What can you expect when you visit SUE: The T. rex?

Skeleton SUE with a multimedia experience

The iconic rex lived 67 million years ago and was unearthed in South Dakota. In this exhibit, skeleton SUE features a unique multimedia experience that highlights what scientists have learned about SUE and what’s still left to discover.

“Meaty SUE”

It’s one thing to see a skeleton. It’s another thing entirely to imagine the fully fleshed-out dinosaur that was 50 feet long, 13 feet tall and weighed more than 9 tons!

Triceratops skeleton and Edmontosaurus replica

The exhibit features two other dinosaurs that were once SUE’s prey, a Triceratops skeleton and a duck-billed herbivore called an Edmontosaurus.

Sensory experiences

There’s more than meets the eye! Use all of your senses to take in SUE’s world. Take a whiff of their putrid breath, watch SUE tromp through the Late Cretaceous forest, feel the texture of dinosaur skin, and hear the subsonic rumble of a rex.

Plan your visit

The Science Center of Iowa is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays as well as other select dates.

Make sure to reserve advance tickets in one of two timeslots: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

All visitors will be asked to complete a basic health screening – where you will show your tickets (printed or on a mobile device), have your temperature checked, and answer a few health-related questions. And as an organization rooted in science, SCI also is requiring face coverings for all visitors ages 5 and up.

Admission is $11 per person – free for SCI members!

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