Subscription Boxes, Are They Worth the Hype?


subscription boxesI love getting mail… maybe a little too much, because my internet shopping bug often bites a little too hard. One thing I have really enjoyed is subscription boxes. You have probably heard of them or seen them advertised online. If you’ve been curious if they are worth it, here are my favorites.

Beauty Subscription Boxes

One of the first subscription boxes I ever tried was Birch Box. It is a box focused on beauty and hair products. It is $15 a month or less depending on if you buy multiple months at a time. I only tried this box a few months because I wasn’t that impressed with it. I sometimes got things that weren’t usable to me, but if you’re a person who likes to try some more “high end” things, it might be worth a shot.

The next box I went to after Birchbox was Ipsy. Ipsy is just $10 a month. It has a mix of high end and drug store skincare and cosmetic items. I liked this box because I would get things like good makeup brushes and some items with really cute packaging. I subscribed to Ipsy for over a year before I became a loyal distributor of one skincare and cosmetics company so I no longer wanted trial items from other brands. If you like to try different things, I think this is one of the most fun and budget-friendly subscription boxes.

Another option in beauty boxes is the Target Beauty Box. Target’s boxes are not subscription nor are they surprises. They post a few boxes a month on their website with items from the Target beauty section and you know exactly what you’re getting. Most of their boxes are $7, and if you have a RedCard, they ship for free and you get your 5% discount, so it’s a good once-in-a-while option if you don’t want to commit to a subscription. 

I most recently have subscribed to the Fab Fit Fun Box. This box is pricier at $60, but you only get it once per quarter. They claim it contains over $200 of retail product and I would agree. In my last box I got a nice stainless steel Swell water bottle, a pretty robe, some skincare items, and a pair of Quay Sunglasses, and a jump rope. It’s name, Fab, Fit, Fun definitely fits. I would say this would be a fun box if it fits in your budget.

Style Subscription Boxes

Other boxes I have tried which are more style related are RocksBox and Stitch Fix. Both of these boxes have an upfront “styling fee,” and then you can decide which items to purchase and apply your styling fee to the total. You express your preferences to your stylist but you never quite know what you are getting. RockBox lets you wear the items and then return them. With Stitch Fix, you have just a short couple days to try on the items at home and then purchase what you want to keep. Both of these are fun options, but you have to be prepared to spend more than your subscription. You may end up losing money if you don’t want to keep anything in your box. 

Are you a subscription box junkie? What is your favorite box to get?


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