Spring Fashion…Target Style (2013)


This post is dedicated to Moms on a budget who still like to look like a Fashionista or maybe just better than yoga pants every once in a while?!  I am right there with you.  SO, I called in my expert, Julie (who happens to be married to my cousin), who spent the better part of her Sunday afternoon dressing me in a Target dressing room.  Weird. Awkward. Totally fun.  I think yes!

Julie ALWAYS looks great…I would describe her style as classic-trendy…She pulls in trends while keeping it classy!  We would have loved to raid the clearance rack, but we wanted you to be able to find the looks we put together at your Target (and luckily even at full-price, Target remains affordable)!   So here goes nothing.  Feel free to laugh at my awkward poses and faces…I am doing it right along with you!

I am going to start with what I would call Easter Sunday with versatility. The 3/4 length sleeve gives you extra warmth for Easter in March!  The scarf does a great job dressing up this look, but lose the scarf and you have a great everyday dress!  Plus, it’s cotton and comfy…you can’t go wrong with this look!  How about the neon pink purse?  Adds a little spring punch to complete this look!



We all need a little something special for those romantic date nights with our hubs!  I loved both of these looks.  I felt dressy-casual (if such a thing exists)!  The bright pants and peplum tops had me at first try-on!  Aren’t the shoes fun too?!  What would we do without our Target?



Another Sunday look accompanied by a “lunch outing” or “trip to the mall outfit”!  We loved both of these looks!  I must say they were super comfy too.  Plus, they scream spring!  Who is ready for warmer weather??


Who is ready to bust out their shorts?!  I am…white legs and all!  These two outfits are fun every day looks!  The high-low cut shirt and dolman top are just too cute to pass up!  Buyer warning: those shorts are pretty short!



Some more everyday casual looks here.  Both of these looks are great for the cooler spring days!  I love the worn tee and chambray top paired with the bright pants!  Both outfits are great for running errands yet still perfectly acceptable for dinner out!  We all need a little versatility in our lives!


These two looks don’t go together…but I still wanted to share them with you!  The first is a day-to-night outfit.  I love the classy top paired with the black shorts.  Check out the cute LACE swim suit cover!  Julie didn’t want to leave us without style at the pool! LOL.


I hope you enjoyed going inside the Target dressing room with Julie and I!  It was fun and extremely helpful to have Julie put together outfits…I want to go buy them all!  (TIP: For all of you who love a good deal like me, Target does their markdowns on Tuesdays!)

I love hearing from readers…What outfit was your favorite??



  1. Oh I love this post and love you girls!! Such great ideas! You’re right…Julie does always look great–but so do you, Katie!! I really like the worn tee with the pink pants….thanks for sharing!

  2. Katie! You look so cute in all of those outfits AND you inspired me to go Target and check out their spring stuff. I actually ended up buying the navy dress you have on in the first photo but got it in coral instead..LOVE!

  3. Will you be doing one of these Spring Fashion- Target Style for this spring? I love your style and I struggle putting outfits together so this was awesome!


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