6 Spring Fashion Finds from Amazon


spring fashion

Spring is *hopefully* here and I’m so ready for it! I always feel like I want to add some new spring fashion to my wardrobe to freshen things up this time of year! Today I wanted to share some great, affordable, and cute picks from Amazon!

Spring Fashion From Amazon


  1. Cute earrings add a fun pop to a basic dress or simple outfit. The earrings shown come in a set of three for just under $8! The blush is so versatile and the multi-colored ones add a fun flair. They go with a ton of things from basic black to a light neutral outfit. If you click through there are more color options, too!
  2. A new tote is another great way to bring spring into your life. Both the circle straw bag and the neutral straw tote will hold a good amount of stuff and have a fun tassel detail. They will transition right into summer and don’t cost a fortune!
  3. A fresh, new t-shirt always makes me feel put together. I feel like I have to buy new white tees most every year because they always get dingy or stained, and these on Amazon are affordable and come in different color combinations!
  4. I always feel more springy with a pop of floral, and this tee comes in a few different options. Wear it with jeans. Wear it with a skirt. It can be dressed up or dressed down for sure. Or, if you want a floral top with some fun details, this one is great. The hollowed out arms leave some breathing room and add a flirty look but you still will have some warmth. You never know when Iowa is actually going to feel like spring or when we’ll go back into second or third winter!
  5. Will you be spending time on the sidelines of the ball fields? Find a go-to hat to shade out the sun and keep your hair from flying all over. This hat is so basic but cute and comes in many colors!
  6. I love buying a fresh pair of sneakers for spring, too. These Converse are always a win in my book. They go with just about everything casual and can even work with some dresses! If you don’t love the look of Converse, these slip ons are also super cute, come in many colors and versatile, too!

I’m so ready for spring, and I’m sure you are too!

What are your favorite spring fashion finds?

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spring fashion finds

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