Shop Local This Season


Each year, more and more people are turning to online shopping. Imagine how that number skyrockets once Black Friday is over and Christmas shopping begins! A recent  story suggested that 51% of Americans plan to shop online this season. Surprising?

The Online Temptation

I fully admit that I struggle with the temptation to do my Christmas shopping online.  I don’t have to drag everyone out and about. I don’t have to plan around nap time.  I don’t have to drag snacks, water, extra clothes or the beloved Baby Stella doll.  I can do it at midnight when I finally have time. It’s just easier.

The Storefront Experience 

Think back to shopping before you had kids: You could leisurely look around. You could hold the fabric. Compare sizes. Match colors. You had human contact with the sweet sales cashier that would do just about anything to help you.  So there IS something better about shopping in an actual store.

The Magic of the Season

I often feel like I haven’t truly ‘shopped’ in the midst of the holiday season unless I’m out and about. I miss the intricate holiday decorations. I miss hearing the sound of Santa’s train and smelling the scent of cinnamon. I miss seeing the joy on people’s faces when they find the perfect gift for a loved one.

Shop Local

Even more than the experience though – think about all of our amazing local businesses and how important it is to support them. Those people that own that local storefront? They are moms and families just like us. Families working hard in our cities, impacting our communities, and giving back locally. Your dollars spent at these stores make an impact in our towns, not Amazon’s bottom line!

All that said, I challenge you to grab ahold of that holiday magic and support your local businesses!

Check out our new SHOP LOCAL page to find a list of a few of our favorite local businesses.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! Christmas shopping just isn’t Christmas shopping and giving just isn’t giving without the actual hands-on, “going” experience. I love being in the midst of dazzling store decorations; and I even kind of enjoy the feeling of solidarity with complete strangers who are crowding into the same aisles of the same stores looking at the same things as I am. I’m thankful for the entrepreneurial men and women who have contributed so much to our community by accomplishing their dreams of owning a local business; and I’m glad that a place like DMMB exists to help make us shoppers more aware of them!


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