7 Simple Ways to Practice Self Love


self loveIt’s February and it’s officially the month of L-O-V-E!

Since having kids, I will admit my focus has shifted during this month to be all about the kids. And let’s be honest, celebrating holidays DOES become so much more fun when you’re seeing things through the eyes of a child! However, as the long and cold winter months drag on (January 74th is a real thing) I needed a reminder to pay some attention to myself, too! And maybe you do too.

Easy ways to practice Self Love

Take time for yourself first thing in the morning (or late at night)

I’m a night owl so my time to decompress is when my kids go to sleep. They’re all typically snuggled in by 8:30. I try to be in bed by 10:30, so that’s at LEAST 2 hours to do whatever the heck I want! It might be catching up on laundry or cleaning, journaling, reading, chatting with my husband, or watching Real Housewives. Maybe you’re a morning people and like to wake up before the kids wake up. Whichever you are, use that time for you! 

Positive Affirmations 

We are so good at building others up, especially our kids. We tell them how we love them and all the things we love them for, their kindness, creativity, humor; the list goes on and on. But what about ourselves? How many of us say kind things to ourselves? It may seem funny and awkward at first, but I promise you, it really does help! You can do it a few different ways:

  • Pick a few positive affirmations. Google is your friend if this feels clunky for you at first.
  • Write them down and then practice reciting them to yourself.
  • Hang them up on your bathroom mirror or you can simply say them to yourself, every day! 

Inner Dialogue 

When a lot of our time is spent chasing children and managing bills, laundry, and the list goes on and on, it can be hard to remember how powerful our inner dialogue is through all of that. Sometimes, we can’t even hear ourselves think with all that chaos! But, when was the last time you thought about your thoughts? I encourage you to get in touch with your inner dialogue. Is it kind and full of grace? Or is it harsh, full of blame? When we are aware of our thoughts we can replace the negative with positive. This is a powerful tool when it comes to self love. 

Asking for help 

I’ll say it again for those in the back, we all need help. It’s ok to ask AND receive help. I need to constantly remind myself of this one. Most of us have at LEAST one person we know we can go to for anything. I call these people your 24/7s. But how often do we actually use them? I know I’m guilty of this. So, use those 24/7s, even if it’s just to vent.

Something to Look Forward To 

I used to facilitate a group in a substance abuse agency. The importance of planning and looking forward to something is important for those who are struggling with substance use or mental health struggles. It is a message I took and use to this day. As moms, I think it’s equally as important! Life can get mundane, doing the same routine, day in, day out. That’s why it’s SO important to give yourself something you can look forward to! Whether it’s something for yourself, a date night with your spouse, or a family outing, it can give you something to plan and then be excited for! 

Be Kind to Your Body 

Being kind to your body is so individual and means different things for every mom. But, in general, nourishing your body with water and healthy foods, letting yourself indulge sometimes, and moving your body are so important! Whether you take a walk or you dance in your living room with your kids, move that marvelous body of yours that has carried those beautiful children of yours! Celebrate your body for all that it has done and continues to do for you. 

Wear those heels and that bold lipstick

Or whatever you wanna rock! So what if it’s just a Tuesday?! Wear that fun outfit or bold lip and ROCK it! 

I challenge you to choose one of these self love ideas and DO IT! Who knows, maybe it’ll become a habit! 

self love


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