Road Trips Made Easy: Six Tips for Stress-Free Travels


Road Trip tips Granger Motors

Planning a family road trip? Before you load up, follow these tips for stress-free travels.

1. Get your car inspected. Before you hit the road, have a professional look over your vehicle. Ensure that all major services are taken care of before putting the miles behind you. Taking time now saves a roadside repair later. On a time crunch? A dealership is a great choice for last-minute services since they have most of the parts in-house to keep your vehicle in shape.

2. Take care of your tires. Before you wave the checkered flag, ensure your tires are in tip-top shape! Your vehicle’s tires provide the only point of contact between your car and the road — keeping you and your precious cargo safe. Getting your tires serviced is easy, most tire shops will do an inspection as well as a balance and rotation for less than $20 a wheel and will match your tire pressures and torque all your wheels to factory specification.

3. Slow down. No more speeding to get to your destination! If you need to make a day trip and find yourself stretched for time, slow down! By driving more efficiently, you’ll be able to go longer between fuel stops and will be able to stay on the road longer. If your kids are potty-trained, aim to coordinate bathroom breaks with gas stations so someone can fuel up while everyone else is in the bathroom, no matter how much you have left in the tank.

Granger Motors Road Trip Tips

4. Have fun! The trick to a screen-free trip? Engage your kids early. Play classic road trip games like I Spy or I’m Going on a Picnic, keeping DVD-time in your back pocket for road-trip emergencies.

5. Bring healthy snacks. It may be tempting to load up on candy and chips, but opting for good-for-you fruits and veggies will help everyone feel better on your cross-country trek! Snacks full of sodium and sugar can lead to grouchy kids — while they might be satisfied in the moment, the salt will make them feel bloated and uncomfortable, and the inevitable sugar crash will leave them (and you!) tired and cranky. Pack healthy choices and let the kids have a say in where to stop for lunch.

6. Stop for the sights! If you have wiggle-room in your road trip schedule, plan stops to take in your surroundings and stretch those legs. Kids will appreciate the chance to run around and you can do some much-needed stretching. A roadside stop can lead to memorable photo-ops, and might even provide better scenery than where you are going in the first place.

Make the most of your road trip with these tips and most of all — don’t forget to treat yourself, too!

Road Trip Tips Granger Motors 

Get to Know Granger Motors

Granger Motors is a family-owned business and part of the Iowa Auto Dealers Association. An Italian family started the business in 1918.

Granger Motors has been located in Granger for close to 100 years. From its humble beginnings, it has grown to serve most of the Des Moines area as well as customers outside of the state of Iowa.

Tim Westrum, the current owner, purchased the business in the 1980s with the hope that Granger Motors would be a dealership known for honesty and integrity. The team at Granger Motors is not perfect but they work tirelessly to achieve a straightforward reputation that closely mirrors the principle of the Golden Rule.

Granger Motors’ recipe for success has not changed since the 1980s, whether a customer chooses to do business with them or not, they want everyone they come in contact with to feel like they were treated right.

Granger Motors does not ever want to become the biggest Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, or Ford dealership out there, but they would like to be known as the best. That is their goal and they hope you benefit from the Granger Motors Difference!

A team of professional, fun, and friendly employees is the secret to Granger Motor’s success. Their dealership is different in that their employees enjoy a long average tenure at the dealership and enjoy working in a family environment. The passion and dedication that each employee invests is a vital part to the overall dealership success and what keeps our loyal customers coming back.

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