Fall in Love With Reading Again


reading books, book loversSchool is back in session, and we are settling into new routines. It’s been all fun games of learning names and all the school rules, but soon, kids will have a few pieces of homework trickling home. Middle schoolers will have math (always math), fifth graders will have a project to research, and kindergartners will be working on sight words. It got me thinking…

“When was the last time I picked up (and finished) a book? What books are even popular right now? I used to like this author, but I don’t think they’ve written anything new in a looonng time. Where do I even start?”

Here are a few tips for finding a new book to read!

  • A really easy way to find new books that I often use, is looking through my friends’ instagram feeds and seeing what they’ve been reading. Our own, Kayla, just posted a TON of books that she bought recently, and I quickly researched them and added them to my library list. 
  • Speaking of library, Johnston Public Library offers personalized reading lists. You fill out a quick survey telling them your preferences and they hand pick some books for you and send you a list in about a week! I don’t know if this is common at libraries, but it has been a fun way for me to branch out of the normal. And the best part- if you are a few pages in and decide you don’t like it, just return it and get the next one. 
  • Another pro-tip about the library… Most libraries allow you to request books. Meaning, if they do not have the book, but you would like to read it, you can put in a request and they will likely get it within a few weeks. Granted, you have to wait a few weeks, but if you’re like me, you only read a book once, so it doesn’t make sense for you to buy it. 
  • Our library has a few shelves when you walk in the door labeled “recently returned”. It’s fun to look through and see what captured others’ interests and sometimes, they capture mine too.
  • My personal favorite is doing a social media shout out. “Hey friends, looking for a good book to get lost in. What should I read next?” Those comments filter in with a whole slew of books I’ve never heard of. 
  • Have you heard of GoodReads? I love this website for seeing what my friends are reading and suggesting. They also have fairly extensive reviews so you can get a good feel for the book. My very well-read friend just started a blog with book reviews as well. I’m excited to follow her as she adds reviews to her blog, Read A Better Book
  • Find an author you love and read.them.all. I’m currently doing this with Diane Chamberlain, who I was introduced to through the aforementioned personalized reading list. And I devoured Beth Troy’s Lu. So, so good. 

I am enjoying falling in love with reading again. It became such a chore when I was in school, so when I graduated, I was done. And now, I love picking up a book and diving in. Even if the dishes have to wait in the sink ’til after dinner…. 

What are YOU reading and loving? Share with us so we can check it out! 



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