Tips for Raising Twins


tips for raising twins

Raising twins isn’t an apples to apples comparison. As moms, we quickly learn that each of our kids is unique, whether or not they are twins. I realize my twin girls are not apples, but I often find myself looking at them like a pair of apples. They are both apples because they are girls, yet they are very different types of apples.

For instance, Grace has straight hair and Kalei has curly/wavy hair.

Grace typically talks more to people other than her parents and Kalei is more reserved.

 Kalei is taller and Grace is an inch shorter.

Kalei likes most all foods and Grace is much more selective.

Grace is more of a Daddy’s girl and Kalei is more of a Mommy’s girl.

There are also many ways that they are alike, too: they both have blue eyes, they both like going to the park, going to Cubbies, going to dance class, coloring pictures, eating ice cream, and they both love princesses.

When we found out we were having twin girls, I was eager to dress them alike every day.

However, this fairy-tale idea of keeping them ‘the same’ has changed. As they have grown from newborns to three and a half year olds, their individual identities have begun to shine through.

If I were to label Grace a specific type of apple, it would be a Braeburn apple. This type of apple is known for its spicy, sweet tart flavor, which sums up Grace pretty accurately.  When Grace plays with her Little People she likes to line them up in a particular order. She also prefers to be the leader of playtime with her siblings.

If I were to label Kalei a specific type of apple, it would be a Gala apple. This type of apple is known for being mild and sweet. Kalei is content to be reading a book, dancing to her own beat, or playing alongside of her sister or brother. She often fits the stereotype of the middle child as she tries to make everyone happy.

Fostering an environment for two different types of girls can be challenging at times. They have been blessed with a variety of toys and activities that could keep them happy for hours.

The struggle of pure happiness comes in with this little thing called selfishness. Selfishness tends to be at the root of many sins or shortcomings. So, when I see the twins arguing over the same toy I can understand; because when I want something to go my way, I get upset when I do not get what I want.

I try my best to remind them that because they were blessed with a built in playmate at birth, it means that most all of their toys are for BOTH of them to share.

During teachable moments, I try my best to share a verse/s or story from the Bible to illustrate how we should live and how we should treat others. I am not Superwoman, so this does not happen during every single refereeing moment, but as often as I can I bring it back to the Truth.

At the end of the day, I am so grateful the Lord gave us two different types of apples. It is a joy to raise best friends and see their individual lights shine daily.

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Infertility Awareness WeekChelsey is blessed to be the mother of two beautiful fraternal twins, Grace and Kalei (born May 2013), and a charming son, Bo (born June 2015). Chelsey is from the small town of Readlyn, Iowa, and attended the University of Northern Iowa, where she met her husband, Cole. They live in Grimes and attend Johnston Evangelical Free Church.

Chelsey is thankful to be able to stay home with her children. She formerly taught physical education and health to middle school students; and is able to substitute teach from time to time. Chelsey enjoys personal training part time at the YMCA Healthy Living Center.

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