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pmitslogo-300Today’s Post Is Sponsored By Put Me In The Story – Personalized Books for kids brought to you by Sourcebooks.

My “baby” girl turns six years old this month. SIX! This girl is an amazing story teller, loves to draw, finds great pride in reading books on her own, gets giddy when putting on “shows” and will take as much time as you give her to do her hair. When I saw Sourcebooks Personalized Books for Kids, I knew I had found the perfect gift for my little girl.

Liiana's book
Liiana’s book

What is “Put Me In the Story”?

Liliana, grinning from ear to ear, as she reads the title of her book: If I Could Keep You Little, Liliana
Liliana, grinning from ear to ear, as she reads the title of her book: If I Could Keep You Little, Liliana

Put Me In the Story is a fantastic place where you can personalize a book for your child.

They have books from bestselling authors like Kristi Yamaguchi, Jennifer Fosberry, Marianne Richmond and many, many more. The books they offer are New York Times bestsellers and they continue to add more each month, hoping to expand the list to over 40 books available by Christmas.

Put Me In the Story allows you to add a personal message to your book of choice and to add your child’s name to the book. Seeing Lili’s face as she read her name on the cover and throughout the book was absolutely priceless. She sat and read through the whole thing with that beautiful grin on her face.

For my little reader, this book was the perfect gift. Not only did it fuel her love of reading, but it made her feel special. Like this book was written just for her. She even asked me when I had time to write and draw all of that. (I gave credit where credit was due and read the front cover with her… “Written and illustrated by Marianne Richmond”.) My little girl has had a tough time not being the baby since Drake was born. She was struggling with the expectations we have of her, not because we now had a new baby in the family, but because she is getting older. The book we chose spoke volumes to her. I was so glad I could read through it online and be absolutely confident that this was the book for her. It talks about how I would love to rock her and hum lullabies, but then I would miss all of this big girl stuff that she is doing and all of these wonderful things that she creates for me. I hope it hit home for her as much as it did for me.

Expectations Surpassed & Satisfaction Guaranteed

PMITS Banner Keep Little 300x600 newI felt confident ordering from Put Me In the Story. They guarantee all of their orders. If a mistake is made, they will work with you to make it right. My book arrived promptly and in great condition. I honestly expected a paperback, but to my surprise, it was a hard back, with my daughter’s name printed perfectly in the title. On the dedication page was the picture of Liliana that I chose and a little message from her daddy and mommy, written by me. It was perfect.

You must check out Put Me In the Story: Personalized Books For Kids! Their goal is to “engage kids more deeply with stories in the hope that they will become readers for life”. I think you have met that goal with my little girl! This book will be treasured forever.

Connect with “Put Me In The Story” and Sourcebooks

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You can purchase these amazing books online. They even offer FREE SHIPPING on standard orders!

Today’s GIVEAWAY is a personalized book of your choice ($32.99 value).

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