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This is how I have been doing laundry the past month: Dump clothes into the washer and turn on cold wash, transfer to dryer then take out the beautifully cleaned clothes. NO sorting NO detergent NO hot water.

Could you imagine doing laundry this way?  Really!

Pure Wash to the Rescue

pure wash1Thanks to the Pure Wash system I was allowed to test out for a month from Factory Direct Appliances, doing laundry has become a breeze in my home.

The Pure Wash system is a little box that basically oxygenates the water.  So, you don’t have to use detergent in washing machine.  The water is infused with 3 things, which are ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and an electrical charge (ionization), to make oxidized water.  But really, all you need to know is that it works!

If you want a more in depth explanation of how it works please check out this video here is the Pure Wash system.

Here are my top reasons why I love the Pure Wash System and why you will love it too:

1) No detergent:

That means no chemicals in your wash and on your skin all day.  We already didn’t use fabric softener and continued to not use any and had nothing but soft clean fresh clothes.   3 out of 4 in our family have sensitive skin and this is peace of mind not having to worry if the detergent with make us break out.  I was buying natural detergent and didn’t think it was doing that great of a job.

2) Clean clothes:

Do you know what clean smells like?  NOTHING.  Clean doesn’t smell and that is exactly what you get with the pure wash.    Like I said, I was using a natural detergent and sometimes after my clothes sat (clean) they just didn’t look fresh and clean and felt greasy.  I have not had this happen since using the Pure Wash.  Now if you have stains, per-treat them as usual before you wash.

3) No sorting:

Really no sorting just throw your whites and colors in the same load.  Because you use cold water, you don’t have to worry about clothing bleeding.  Now their website does suggest if you are washing a brand new red shirt for the first time you might want to be a little extra careful.

4) Time saver:

Because of my sons sensitive skin, I was double rinsing all of our laundry.  So on my front load washer, a load of wash was taking almost 90 minutes.  Now with the Pure Wash, I run he shortest load possible.  It had cut my laundry time in half.  Now my washer and dryer are done within minutes of each other.  Doing extra rinses and washes doesn’t help get your clothes any cleaner and  you are just shortening the life span of the unit.

5) Cost Saver:

There is a bit of an upfront cost but how does it pan out long term.  The life expectancy of the Pure Wash is 10 years.  10 years is with average use so if you have a larger family then that would decrease a bit.  However, a bigger family is already spending more on detergent a month right now so it equals out.  There is no motor that will break only a blue light that turns on when in use.  Once the light bulb is gone, then you replace the entire unit.  The bulb only turns on when you run a load of laundry.  Will the upfront cost pay off… YES!  here is how.

Cold Water.  The only glitch I experienced was because somehow my load got set to use warm water. Once I switched that, it worked wonderfully.  I used to use warm water ALL the time because my clothes got cleaner but now I get cleaner clothes with cold water.  In fact, when you install it, you turn off your hot water valve.  You won’t have the cost to heat the hot water.

No detergent.  Enough said.

They also say that the drying time is reduced.  However, I didn’t personally experience that – it stayed the same.

Other questions you might have about the pure wash:

Can you install it yourself?  Yes

Can you move it?  Yes.  If you move to a knew home, it is simple to move with you.

Cloth Diapers?  I wish we still had one in diapers to try it out.  I have read some reviews online saying it works fantastic for cloth diapers.  Could you imagine washing your diapers in one wash, no soaking, no hot pre-washes and not stinking!  You don’t have to worry about stripping them or build up because you aren’t using detergent.

I really enjoyed testing out the Pure Wash system.  My clothes felt cleaner and smelled fresh!

Now I just need someone to come fold them all for me!

factory direct sidebarToday’s post is sponsored by Factory Direct Appliance in Urbandale!

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  1. We just recently purchased this system. I was so excited about it, but after a few weeks of using it, the PUL on my pocket diapers and covers seems to be deteriorating. I haven’t changed anything else in my laundry routine (other than eliminating detergent), so I’m pretty sure the PureWash is to blame. With about 30 diapers at $10-$20 each, I am really angry that my diapers are now ruined! I would NOT recommend this for cloth diapers.

  2. Hi

    My wife and I bought a pure wash. I was told that if you put a Y end on the out water that you would receive more bubbles. So I put the Y on and connected the two out hoses now to the cold and hot water connectors to the washing machine. I now set the washing machine to the warm setting. This allows more cold water through the washer and now more bubbles are seen in the Pure Wash. I had some old towels which we just used for our sheep since they were lambing. They were covered with blood, dust, and left over fluids from the birthing process. I was going throw them away when my wife said lts use the pure wash. I thought she was crazy but I did wash them. The outcome was cleaner on the first time washed, but I could smell an odor from them yet. I put the washer onto extra rinse and washed them again. I used no detergent or fabric softener. After being dried it was unbelievable, no odor, no stains, and looked very good. This was the test and it passed. So we are happy with the pure wash and heavy soiled clothes use the extra rinse along with the Y attachment from the Pure Wash, I believes it helps too.


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