Purchases That are Saving My Sanity


I have always been an Amazon Prime fan, but during this time of social distancing, I have been even more grateful to have that lovely service to deliver things to my door!

Here are some things I’ve purchased since we have been home that have helped our household and helped my sanity. Most of the items are purchased from Amazon with a couple from Target pick up as well.

One of the first things that came to my mind when it was announced we would be home for a while was my son’s birthday. His golden birthday was April 7 and it was something he had been looking forward to for a while. I purchased this golden balloon, golden backdrop, and golden birthday kit. It was a hit and he was so happy with how we celebrated his day.

Kid purchases

The next thing that was a big concern was how to keep my three boys occupied. I bought a workbook for our preschooler who wouldn’t be receiving any schoolwork at home like his school-aged brothers.

We ordered ink and paper for our printer knowing I would possibly be printing school work for our older two. Next up were water guns because I figured that would keep the boys wild outside for a while. Our younger two boys both learned how to ride their bikes over this time, so I just purchased a bike for one of our boys. Another great kid purchase has been these rain boots. They love to explore outdoors, so these have been so handy for creek stomping or just playing in puddles.

Since we don’t know if pools are opening this summer, I got an above-ground pool. I must have had the same idea as everyone else because they are sold out on Amazon right now. If you’re still looking for one, check your local Target or Walmart and see if they have any on hand.

One day of homeschooling included lessons in cleaning the baseboards and walls in our home, so I ordered some magic erasers for supplies so the boys could help scrub away. We also stained our front porch so I purchased a new mat and a rug to cheer things up a little.

Food purchases

We use our local grocery store for pick up or shopping with a mask, but I have purchased some snacks. These Milk Magic Straws have been a hit with the milk we have gotten with school lunches. I also have purchased snack items like Goldfish and Belvita Bites but these were things I purchased prior to this time.

What I’ve bought for myself

One thing that was vital for me was taking care of myself during this time. I love bath bombs, and these were on sale, so I snagged a couple. I also ordered a book to read and a hat to prolong my hair washing.

I have purchased more loungewear than I’d like to admit, but these shorts from Target are worth noting. After hearing about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, I got these gummies for myself, too.

Have you been doing more online shopping than normal during this time? What have you purchased that has been helpful?

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Becky grew up in Iowa and moved to Waukee in 2009 after she and her husband, Russ, settled into teaching jobs in the Metro. She and Russ have been married since June 2006 and have three boys, Henry (2010), Wesley (2013), and Calvin (2015). She teaches in Waukee and loves the small town feel that one of the fastest growing zip codes in the U.S. has to offer. For fun, Becky enjoys spending time with her boys, blogging at ByBMG, keeping up with fashion and make-up, making crafts that can be accomplished in a nap time, and “vacations” to Target.


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