Preschool Curriculum Review: Mother Goose Time


MGT_LogoBadgeI’m thrilled to share my newest favorite thing with you today: It’s an inspiring, life-changing, easy-to-use, inspiring curriculum from Mother Goose Time!

Mother Goose Time is a professionally developed preschool curriculum that nurtures the whole child and supports the child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth. Mother Goose Time offers monthly curriculum kits of theme-based, hands-on activities, art projects and early literacy and math games.

I first learned about Mother Goose Time from my friend Michelle Williams, who runs one of the most amazing in-home preschools in Ankeny called Bright Stars Child Care. She’s like the Martha Stewart, Pinterest, Preschool ‘Goddess’ (among multiple other gifted talents). Michelle was a Director at a childcare center in Kansas City for several years so when she recommended it, I knew I had to check it out.

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Too Good to Be True?

I began my research on the Mother Goose Time website, which is beyond impressive. I quickly embraced their philosophy, research, vision, approach, and assessment. Then, I saw the statement: “Whether you teach preschool children in a classroom or living room or under a tree, Mother Goose Time is flexible and easy to use. Open the box and be ready to teach.” Sure, that’s what every company says, right? This is no joke, friends. Literally, everything you need is inside. I’m talking about easy-to-follow lesson plans, punch-able pieces, game boards ready to play and craft pieces already cut for you. Say goodbye to late-night trips to Hobby Lobby or Michaels prepping for the next day’s lessons.

Our Experience

photo (19)First, I ordered the FREE Sample Day Kit online. With very little prep time, my daughter and I were ready to begin. 4.5 hours later we took a break for lunch. She was engaged the entire time, and this is a girl who typically asks for snacks at least four times between 8 and 11 am!

After trying the sample kit, we were fortunate to try the Bees and Butterflies Monthly Curriculum. The Starter Kit gives you everything you need (see..there’s that claim again) and even gives you tools and resources to set up your classroom (i.e. monthly calendar, alphabet/number posters, subject titles, weather charts and more). Also included are 20 ‘day bags’ which are the crafts and supplies that correspond with each lesson. Again, the box included everything we needed for an amazing month ahead!

This curriculum is easy to understand, simple to implement and most of all FUN to experience. You don’t need to have a childhood education degree, be a professional Sunday School teacher, or a Pro-Homeschooling Mom to understand this. Anyone can use this. View their lesson plan samples here.

Additional Resources

photo (23)We also used the Experience God add-on. This can be used alongside the regular curriculum or stand alone. Each lesson bag had more than enough to keep us busy. We used it daily, but you can also do it once a week or use it as a full lesson for Sunday morning at home! This would also be perfect for churches to embrace as a Sunday School program.

Mother Goose Time offers numerous additional resources including; a Spanish version, Kindergarten Prep, extra math, reading and writing, and even curriculum for baby to name a few! There is even a component that sends you toys to correspond to the lessons and provide extra emphasis for play time.

About Mother Goose Time

“Mother Goose Time specializes in the development of research-based curriculum, books, music and authentic assessment tools serving child care providers, teachers, and parents of young children since 1984. Our mission is to inspire both educators and children to experience learning through creative expression, play and open-ended discovery. Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum supports a child’s social-emotional, physical and cognitive development. 

In all that we do, we work to create a platform upon which children have experiences to better know who they are, love others, explore the world and make healthy life choices.”

Connect with Mother Goose Time

The website is a wealth of information, and the FAQ page answered many of my questions. Don’t forget to request a FREE Sample Day Kit and experience a lesson plan, music CD, craft activity, and more. You can also sign up for their monthly E-newsletter that’s filled with tips, activities, and songs.

Be sure to Like them on Facebook and Twitter and get started learning today! If you’re like me and want your upcoming school year to be enriched by Mother Goose Time, be sure to lock in prices for next year’s curriculum before June 30th!

Disclosure: I was given the above mentioned monthly curriculum in exchange for writing this post.



  1. Great review! My aunt runs an amazing in-home daycare/preschool and uses this curriculum. She gave me about 10 different units for me to use. Can’t wait to dive in and use them!


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