Preparing for Number Two


Preparing for Baby #2I can remember my first pregnancy fondly. The naps. The attention. The baby showers. All of those become a quick memory when you become pregnant with your second (or third, fourth, fifth, or more) child. Not that I am complaining. As I see it, I’m a seasoned expert at this pregnancy, birth, parenting thing.

Yeah, right.

My pregnancy with my son, Sam, was hard, or so I thought. I was sick almost the entire first 13 weeks. And the last 10 weeks I thought there was no way my body could possibly hurt any more. As it turns out, I was wrong. Childbirth hurt a whole lot more. But I digress. What I really enjoyed was coming home after teaching 160 students and lying on the couch watching Hallmark movies. That was the life. I had a built-in food shelf, a husband who gave me back rubs every night, and a nap whenever I wanted one.

Flash forward to two years later. I am currently well into my third trimester with our second child. My fears have turned from childbirth to, How am going to do it with two?

I asked my friends for advice on going from one child to two. I received so much good advice I felt that I needed to share it.

“BUCKLE UP, girlfriend!!! And my more serious advice is tag team. Your husband will be your saving grace.”

“…but don’t forget to give your son attention and one-on-one time after baby comes.”

“Expect to feel like a brand new parent because, chances are, #2 will be super different than #1.”

“Let Sammy ‘help’ with baby things so he feels proud of his new big brother role.”

“Make your Crock Pot your new best friend.”

“Accept any and all help.”

“…if both children are crying, address and comfort the oldest; he/she will remember.”

“Enjoy every moment of it!”

Although I’m still nervous about who to buckle in to the car first or how I will ever take a shower again, I know I have great resources and help at the tips of my fingers. I still need to wash the car seat cover and baby clothes and prepare for sleepless days/nights. I’m ready to embrace my new role as a mommy of two kiddos and all the joy that comes with it. While I wouldn’t change my life for anything, I would like to go back in time to my first pregnancy and enjoy another nap and eat another cookie, all while pondering the life of the Hallmark movie characters. But for now, I’m off to make dinner for my family and grade these essays. Oh, and not forgetting my prenatal vitamin.

What advice would you give to a mom preparing for #2?


  1. I am 9 weeks into this two baby thing. What i have learned… Buckle the oldest in the car first all the time. He/she can get away from you faster than a baby carrier can. 😉 i have found its easier at home to put my oldest in the car so he is not under foot while i finish packing up and putting the new baby in the car

  2. My advice is try not to be scared about having two! 🙂 Seriously though it’s definitely a busier life, but it’s so great to see your big one loving and enjoying your new little one and the love you have for both of them that increases. My only other advice is to make sure the big one if fed before sitting down to feed the baby.

  3. I’m currently pregnant with number 2 and this article was a big help for me! My son will be 6 in July and is super excited to be a big brother. I know he will be such a big helper to us and look forward to seeing them bond!

  4. Thanks for the tips and reassurance, ladies! I’m excited to see this little girl and give my son a sibling. Good luck, Megan!


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