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PRENATAL DANCE is the first prenatal dance workout of its kind created by professional dancer/instructor/choreographer Menina Fortunato.

This comprehensive full body dance workout includes a complete warm-up with toning exercises and stretches focusing on arms, core, hips, butt and legs. The workout progresses into as a series of no impact sassy dance combinations, followed by a relaxing cool down that will help connect with the growing spirit inside the belly.

PRENATAL DANCE will improve balance, flexibility, coordination, cardio and strength as well as increase confidence and promote relaxation that will better prepare each woman for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

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About Menina:

 Menina has been a professional dancer her entire life having worked with many celebrities including Beyonce, Britney Spears, Earth Wind & Fire, Carmen Electra, Luis Miguel, Paula Abdul, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Garner to name a few. Even while pregnant, all she wanted to do was dance, so she created a dance workout not only for herself, but also for other pregnant women of all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Menina credits PRENATAL DANCE for her a healthy pregnancy, as well as preparing her body for a wonderful all-natural home water birth, and relatively quick recovery. Menina is dedicated to show every mother-to-be how to embrace their curves, stay fit, and feel sexy through PRENATAL DANCE.

My experience:

Anyone else out there not up to working out while growing a human being inside of them? But they say it is good for us and the baby…so we’ll do it right? Enter Menina’s Prenatal Dance DVD! Although I am not pregnant (that I know of)  this DVD  was awesome! I will use it pregnant or not. It is such a fun way to workout, who doesn’t like to dance? It was gentle on the body while still getting a good workout in. Just be sure to close your drapes!!

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I was given the above Prenatal Dance DVD in exchange for writing this post. All opinions expressed are my own

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