You Might Be Pregnant During the Holidays If…


You might be pregnant holidays. Des Moines Moms BlogSanta ain’t the only one who could fill out the red suit this holiday season. This is my first winter/holiday baby, and I’ve noticed a few things that are different than my nice-weather pregnancies. Tell me I’m not the only one!

You might be pregnant during the holidays if…

…you expect to have a long chat with Santa thanks to later term insomnia.

What is up with our bodies robbing us of sleep when we most need it?! I remember the tossing and turning from before, but seriously, St. Nick, there better be a gift card to Caribou in that sleigh.

…an innocent scroll through your social media accounts leaves you with an insatiable craving for whatever holiday treats your friends are munching on.  

So far, this has led to the “2016 Infamous Hunt for Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes” (several stores didn’t have them — who knew they were so popular?!) and several minty coffee drinks. ‘Tis the season for not judging your fellow mama!

…while prepping the house for guests and catching up on laundry, you accidentally put laundry detergent into the dryer instead of a dryer sheet.

I honestly don’t know how this stuff happens! Thankfully, I noticed before turning on the dryer. Pregnancy brain is real. More real than the cleanliness level when my guests visit.

…you’ve done almost all of your shopping online and have everything wrapped, just in case.

No visions of sugar plums here. Just visions of my kiddos opening Target bags and brown Amazon boxes because I didn’t get it done before going into labor! Normally, I’m a last minute shopper and an even more last minute wrapper (even though I really love wrapping!), but thanks to two-day shipping and the power of nesting, we’ve got a pile of adorably wrapped, lovingly chosen gifts. Now to keep the cats from shredding the paper…

you might be pregnant during the holidays. des moines moms blog…soaking up every local, festive, memory making holiday event with your kiddos is at the top of your list.  

Sciatica and plantar fasciitis aren’t the only feels I’ve got this pregnancy. Although I’m excited for our new addition, I’m majorly sentimental about this being our last holiday season as a family of four. From awesome local events to our friends’ annual Elf party to a continuation of our craft calendar, I’m waddling my way through the holidays!

What’s the hallmark of your preggo holiday season?

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  1. I have a new appreciation for Mary riding that donkey! On more serious note I have been much more sentimenal in prepping for our own birth as we reflect on the sweet baby that is the focus of Christmas.


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