Our Family’s Advice for Healthy Kids

By: kate hiscock

It is said, “An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.  And we believe that’s true!

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first child, we immediately started to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that being a parent brought. More specifically, we began to think about how our choices would influence their life, and their health.

We made a very conscious decision to be very mindful about what I was eating, putting onto my skin, what was in and near my surroundings, and making sure I was as physically healthy as possible. I was committed to a regular workout routine, scheduled monthly massage, and had weekly chiropractic adjustments.

In reality, not much of this philosophy has changed since the day they were born. When it comes to health, our family continues to be very intentional about the choices we make. We limit our consumption of processed foods, sugar and dairy, we try to stay active, we take our vitamins (multivitamin, fish oil and vitamin d; plus probiotics in the winter), we use essential oils almost daily, and we get adjusted often. Keeping the kiddos, and our own spines in optimal alignment allows our immune systems to function at a higher level.

A little anatomy review:

Our brain dictates all function throughout our bodies through communication with the spinal cord, connected to nerves exiting between each bone (vertebrae) in our spine and then out to various organs, tissues, muscles and cells. If there is any misalignment (subluxation) of the spine, there will be pressure on the nerve, affecting the area it is innervating and altering the function of that site. Subluxations may be caused by emotional, physical or chemical stress. For our kids, that means falls, wrestling, falling asleep in their car seats with their heads in crazy positions, tantrums, how we change their diapers, how we hold and nurse them, and so on.

Our Advice: Chiropractic

Our kids love to get adjusted! Our four-year-old son jumps on the kids adjusting table (which looks like a turtle) and giggles the entire time. There are no quick movements or twisting so it is just part of our regular health care.  He asks to be adjusted if he doesn’t feel well, or has taken a tumble. Our kids very rarely get sick. Studies show that individuals under chiropractic care tend to have less illness, ear infections, colic, reflux, sinus infections, respiratory distress, etc.****

In our family, we plan to see the doctor (chiropractor), regularly, to stay healthy and to avoid getting sick. Our philosophy is that it is always better to prevent something from happening than having to heal and support a compromised immune system. And, we still eat our apples, too!

****[modern clinical research shows that when individuals have specific areas manually adjusted from a chiropractic physician, it positively talks to the part of the brain responsible for increasing our immune response – getting adjusted (especially when our system is compromised or sick) powerfully and naturally boosts our innate immune responsiveness!]

What does your family do to STAY healthy? Leave a comment below to share!


  1. Would you be willing to share what kind of vitamins you use?  I feel kind of overwhelmed when I go to the vitamin section in the pharmacy.

  2. We recommend and sell Nordic Naturals because they are pharmaceutical tested (vitamins aren’t required to be checked for quality/efficacacy/absorbency, so these are tested) and also Klaire labs, which are gluten/dairy/soy/corn/yeast free.


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