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This post is Sponsored by Total Family Eye Care in Grimes – Your Eye Care Specialists for the Total Family – from infants to grandparents. Hear what local mom, Autumn and her family thought of their recent visit when they got the chance to experience their services:

Many of you have little girls who love to play dress up.  As a little girl, I loved it too.  My version might have looked slightly different than the princess dresses or tutus your girls love.  My favorite dress-up clothes were a tweed jacket, a banged up briefcase, and my mom’s old plastic frames.  Oh, how I wanted to have glasses of my own!  #originalnerd

Fast-forward a few years and in second grade, my first wish came true–my very own blue plastic frames (circa 1989)!

Based on my early glasses wearing and the fact that both my husband and I have poor vision, we thought it pretty important to have their vision checked from an early age.  When the opportunity to visit Total Family Eye Care in Grimes, we knew it was the perfect time for that first check-up!

Here’s the top three things that made it a top-notch experience for our family:

1.  Awesome reminders and online paperwork.  I’ve been meaning to get a paper planner for awhile now, but I am still fooling myself into thinking I can keep it all in my head.  Thankfully, the staff at Total Family Eye Care sent me helpful text reminders both for my appointment time and to fill out my paperwork online.  When we got to the appointment, there was no juggling clipboards, “no you may not write on this” conversations, or digging in my purse for printed copies of documents.  It was all in their system and we were back getting initial screenings within three minutes!

First Eye Appointment

2. Kid-friendly cutting edge technology.  Like I said, I have a lot of experience with optometrist appointments.  And one of the things that had me most stressed out what that test they do when they shoot air into your eye.  How on earth is my three year old going to handle that?  He’s going to be traumatized (I’m traumatized each time)!  Turns out, the cool folks at Total Family Eye Care have invested in some gadgets that measure the same thing without the air blast!  Seriously, that alone is worth going back for!  In addition, for those of you who have had to rearrange your schedule because you had to get your eyes dilated and couldn’t see for the rest of the day?  Basically, that’s #nbd at Total Family Eye Care.  They have a machine that takes the same pictures in a couple of seconds and for your #techgeeks, lets you see a 3D image of your eyeball!  Also, if you have any eye health concerns, this technology allows Dr. Howie to track you against yourself to look for early signs of glaucoma or macular degeneration.

3. Helpful staff.  Our appointments included myself, my husband, our three year old, and our one year old was along for the ride.  When it was my turn for my appointment, my husband was occupied so I had both kiddos.  The staff were so helpful!  They let my three year old be a little helper, arranged things so I could hold my one year old while getting examined, and even brought up Finding Nemo while we were waiting.  To top it off, all of us were done with our appointments in less than 45 minutes.  Busy families can’t beat that!

About Total Family Eye Care

At Total Family Eye Care we promise to care for and treat every patient’s eye care and health with utmost attention and respect. We will provide the highest quality of care available and state behind our eyewear. Your eye health and quality of life will always be our focus.

We offer a full range of services and an optical boutique to meet the needs of your entire family no matter the age!

total family eye care drhowieIn September 2009, Dr. Howie fulfilled a dream of opening his own practice, Total Family Eye Care in Grimes, IA. Drawing on Dr. Howie’s vast experience, this practice focuses on patients’ comprehensive care including, eye health, correcting vision and preserving vision for years to come.

Dr. Howie says, “We take the time to talk with every patient about their personal needs, quality of life and future vision. We educate with compassion.”

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Total Family Eye Care is conveniently located at 1451 SE 3rd Street in Grimes and looks forward to caring for your entire family. Give them a call at 515.986.1234 to schedule your family’s exams today.



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