Boho Nursery Makeover


We moved into a new house in July. Our home has a more modern boho minimalist feel. That being said – our nursey was not.

Our nursey started off as a hodgepodge of pink here and there and baby items we had from our firstborn. Our daughter is still in a crib and we thought about updating the room for her but also thought about making it more gender-neutral if we wanted more children. 

Here are the before pictures, including some leftover Christmas decor and some nice primary-colored toys. We could really just improve at this point. Also, I am not a designer by any means – I look at things, think they are pretty and they usually turn out about 60% of the way I thought they would.


Budget Makeover

I started out by adding some wallpaper (a giant sticker) to one wall. It was so easy I was able to install it myself with an Exacto knife. We have shiplap in our home so I liked the idea of carrying it upstairs but in a cheaper way. Keeping with the neutral tones, I added a rug and side table next to the rocker recliner because all good nurseries should have a recliner. The lamp was in a different room, but I loved how it looked in here. 

Above the crib, I added a cute neutral boho piece from Target and moved a fake plant that I had in a different room but filled a good gap here. The pillow covers I ordered from Amazon and had extra pillows to use them with. I kept the bedding pink to add a little color to the room and because my girl is a girly girl at heart! 

We moved the toys into the closet so the room was less cluttered and promoted rest more than play. Both of our kids store their toys in their closets. I highly recommend adding cubbies if they fit to keep toys out of sight for naptime/bedtime. 

A few small changes made all the difference! For under $175 I felt that the room has a completely different feel and meshes with our home. 

Links for items:

Side Table – Amazon; Wallpaper – Amazon; Rug – Amazon; Pillow Covers – Amazon; Boho Hanging Tapestry – Target

Do you decorate your kid’s rooms? 


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