Nourish: My Word of the Year

nourish: word of the yearI love the idea of picking one word to focus on for the year. 
One word to fuel you.
One word to push you towards your goals.
One word to define your vision.
One word to be your compass. 
This year, I chose the word NOURISH
Nourish is defined as….

1. to sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth

I want to cook and serve food to sustain our bodies. To give us good energy and not leave us wanting. I want to stop accepting the toddler scraps as lunch. 

I want to pick up a good book and enjoy reading it. (Open to suggestions!)

I want to focus on good health and personal growth. Discovering what fuels my body and challenges my mind and doing more of what feeds my soul.

I want to build a life that is nourishing over seeking breaks to nourish. 


2. to cherish, foster, keep alive, etc.

I want to dig deep my relationship roots. I want to keep my friendships alive and cherish the people in my life. 

I want to open my door more and invite others in.

I want the people I love to know that they matter and that I am here. 

I want to have space for spontaneity. 

I want to write more notes of encouragement and love. 

I want to cherish these days, this season, with my husband. Knowing how precious and short it is. Knowing that every challenge turns us to each other or away. Knowing we are growing. And somedays, just keeping each other alive. 


3. to strengthen, build up, or promote

I want to build up my kids. I want to say yes to one-on-one time. I want to look them in the eye and show them how important and loved they are. I want them to see my eyes screaming- I SEE YOU.

I want to strengthen our bonds. More tickle parties, more books, more bedtime snuggles, more listening, more intentionality. Less “later”, less “not right now”, less “we’ll see”. 

I want to soak in their freckles, their dimples, their bedhead. I want to memorize every feature of them all over again. 

I want to lay my head down each night knowing I gave the best of me to the ones I love that day. 


nourish | Des Moines Moms BlogThis blog, this community, this ever-changing team has nourished me so much over the years. I am thankful for every pat on the back, every chance to speak truth about motherhood and sisterhood, every single friendship I get to have because of DMMB. With that heart of gratitude, I am signing off. Thank you all for following my journey. Hope to see you soon. 


  1. I love the word NOURISH also.

    I’m mom to an 18 year old and remember those late night feedings when my son was an infant. Snuggling for “just one more” story read at bedtime to an eager preschooler and elementary boy. And now the rare moments that we share eating together at the same time as a family.

    Over the past 30 years as a dietitian, I’ve found my “food” advice mellowing. Although dietary recommendations will continue to change, I ultimately encourage people to slow down more and savor life and relationships.

    Food is a gathering point for friends and family, whether it’s a full meal or a small snack. Each time we eat, it’s an opportunity to NOURISH our body and our soul. We NOURISH our bodies and NURTURE our relationships when we shop, cook or eat together.

    How will you NOURISH yourself & your loved ones this week?


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