Things I’m NOT Thankful For


I’d call myself a thankful person.

I regularly thank the people in my life. I always send thank you notes and even do so in a (semi-) timely fashion. This entire month of November I’m listing what I’m thankful for each day on social media, continuing a tradition I’ve had for the past five years.

There is so much to be grateful for and I know it. I daily thank God for the many blessings in my life and try not to take them for granted.

But, if you’ll give me some leeway, there are a few things for which I’m NOT thankful. And before we gather to eat turkey and watch football and go around the table expressing our gratitude, I thought I’d take this moment to get these items off my chest.

Things I'm NOT Thankful For


Things I’m NOT Thankful For

When my tv shows take a winter hiatus. (What the heck and why?)

Darkness in the morning.

Darkness at night.

Pretty much a total lack of sun and vitamin D from now until April.

Deciding where to spend the holidays. (Please don’t make me.)


Construction. (I’m about to beat someone with an orange cone.)

Gestational diabetes.

Whining from my kids. (Nails, meet Chalkboard.)

My singing voice. (No one else is thankful for this either.)


Finishing the last page of a good book.

Not having another book to start.


Addiction to my phone.

Morning clothes battles with my kids. (For the love of all that’s holy, put on a dang coat!)

Mosquitoes. (These are on my list to discuss with God someday.)

Childhood cancer.

Adult cancer.


The outrageous price of nuts. (I’ve become a squirrel hoarding them from my kids.)

Pumpkin-flavored anything. (Don’t even start, PSL lovers.)

Stressed-out elementary school kids.

Early-morning practices for my non-driving kids.

Seventy-three gloves and mittens without a single match. (Hold me.)

The volume level of commercials.

The length of commercials.

The number of commercials.


Negotiating with a teenager.

Never-ending chores like laundry and grocery shopping.

Negative stories in the news.

Adult acne. (What gives? This should not be a 30-year trend.)

Empty toilet paper rolls still on their dispensers.

Windchill. (Why do I live in a place where the air hurts my face?)

No white space on my calendar.

Glitter. (Never contained. Always everywhere.)

The final credits of the last episode of a show I’ve binged. (Goodbye, old friend.)

The pressure to make the holidays magical.

The Tupperware drawer. (Nothing makes me go from serene to serial killer faster.)

Playground bullying.

Online bullying.

Political bullying.


Spending an hour making a meal that no one eats.

Dust bunnies.

Losing your computer’s entire hard drive. (PSA: back it up, people. Don’t be like me.)

The getting-ready-for-bed routine. (My kids’ and mine.)

November soccer games. (See “Windchill.”)

Acts of violence and terrorism.


Car repairs.

Root canals.

Family school projects. (In case you didn’t know, Ms. Teacher, I already graduated from 2nd grade.)



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