Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas


easter basketI have a huge sweet tooth, but I try to avoid giving my kiddos much candy in their baskets. To be honest, it’s hard to say, “Here’s all this candy, but don’t eat it!” So, I find it easier just to give them a small treat and make the rest of the basket contents non-consumable! Here are some non-candy Easter basket ideas.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Sandals – I’m all about giving usable gifts. I mean, you’re likely going to buy your kiddos summer footwear anyways, so make it a gift!

A new spring outfit – I like to give them a shirt that is something they enjoy and a fresh pair of shorts. I have all boys so the hand-me-downs get old after a while. Having a new shirt that fits their interest and isn’t from their brothers is nice. You can find affordable and cute options at Target or Old Navy.

Gardening items – Spring is a great time to have your kids try out their green thumb! You can get a very simple gardening tool set, or go all out a set that includes gloves and a book! Head to your local gardening store and pick up a few packets of easy to care for seeds like radishes, carrots, or herbs!

Bubbles or a bubble machine – I love toys that get the kids outside. Whether it is a bottle of bubbles from the Dollar Tree or a new bubble machine because ours broke from past years, I think bubbles are always a great idea, even for older kids.

Sidewalk chalk – This goes right along with the bubbles! Big or small, kids like to draw on the sidewalk and it gets them OUTSIDE! My boys love to draw race tracks for their scooters, too!

A book – We have a lot of great books around our house, but I love the chance to find cute seasonal or holiday ones or just a book they have been wishing for. Here are a few cute ideas: Little Blue Truck’s Springtime, Everything Spring, The Tiny Seed, and Spring in the Forest.

Mini Lego Set – There are so many options for small Lego sets. You can pick up small bagged sets at Target or Walmart. There is even an Easter Bunny one available on Amazon.

LOL Surprise Dolls – My middle son loves these! There is just something about them. I mean, the accessories and outfits are pretty cute! You can get small LOL Dolls for under $10 at many places.

Sketchbook – The Target Dollar Spot often has cute spiral bound chunky notebooks with unlined paper that make great sketchbooks. I like to throw one in my bag to take on road trips or other places to entertain the kids.

New markers or crayons – I LOVE a fresh pack of markers or crayons. Crayola has some cute scented options like these markers, these twistable crayons, and these colored pencils. You also can’t go wrong with Mr. Sketch!

What are your favorite non-candy Easter Basket fillers? I would love to have some more ideas!

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easter basket ideas

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