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People have a lot of misconceptions about family law. They make assumptions about divorce and child custody based on things they have heard that aren’t true. 

Common Family Law Myths

Shared care means no child support

False. In Iowa shared care means in a divorce children split their time about 50/50 between both parents. The amount of child support one party receives is based on the income of both parents. 

The first to file has an advantage. 

This is not true. The first person to file is called the petitioner throughout the case and the other is the respondent. There is no reason to rush into filing. 

Courts favor moms

This is a common belief, but it is not accurate. The courts favor what is in the best interest of the child. 

Most divorces go to court

False. The vast majority of the time you won’t step foot in a courtroom in the process of a divorce. Most cases are settled at a final mediation. The court requires you to attempt to settle your case before going to court. 

I can’t afford an attorney 

Call The Law Shop. There are other options for obtaining legal assistance besides having a large retainer. The Law Shop offers many levels of representation and they want to work with you.

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