My Top 5 Beauty Must-Haves!


I must confess that sometimes I think Des Moines Moms Blog hears a little too much about the makeup-hair-clothes loving side of me, but I hope you all know it’s in good fun and really a small component of who I am! BUT, I would be totally lying if I said I didn’t enjoy all of those things! To me, it’s one of the bonuses to being a girl… AND, I love sharing products or tricks I’ve learned over the years! So here are my top five right now!

IMG_44825. HAIR

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it twice: Hot Tools curling iron rocks my world. Hot Tools hit it out of the park with their curling irons. A HUGE thank you to my stylist, Dee Brennan, for introducing me! Depending on your hair length, you can get the dreamy, soft-curled look (that also makes your dead ends appear healthy – bonus) in minutes with this high heat, glorious tool.

Another product Dee turned me on to is OLAPLEX. It is a deep conditioning treatment that turns your hair into gorgeous goodness. It is a definite must-have for me because my hair is on the drier side!

I also LOOOOVE this Pureology shampoo and conditioner! It is super moisturizing and just fabulous all around!


Something bad was going on in the ’80s, ’90s, and maybe even 2000s – all of Iowa (and maybe the rest of the country) was completely tweezer happy and half the female population was left with wonky eyebrows (myself included). This is NOT a serious crisis… But hello!…It kind of is. Your eyebrows are a huge component of your face. They help you express your emotions and just make women look more feminine!

Eyebrows: Left side is after, right side is before

HAVE NO FEAR. There are a ton of great tools out there to bring those over-plucked babies back to life. My favorite is ELF eyebrow duo. It’s my fav because it is cheap and it does a heck of a job! I am not an expert but I did my research before I started filling mine in! Here’s a look at my before and after, but I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend visiting a makeup artist or esthetician to find the best product and look for you!


Find a dermatologist. The end. But really… these people don’t specialize in the care of skin for no reason. Most of the time your insurance will cover one yearly exam… AND… GAL PALS, if you aren’t getting a yearly skin check you ABSOLUTELY, 100-percent should be. Skin cancer can be a real, ugly, scary thing but is also treatable if you catch it early!  Another reason a dermatologist is so great is they know and have access to a lot of different products! If you find the right dermatologist they will even tell you the over-the-counter products that might fit your budget a little better! I love seeing Seth Robb PAC at Skin Iowa. He has changed my skin for the better!

IMG_44832. SKIN (Again)

Because tanning beds should be a thing of the past, in my humble opinion, I have converted to self-tanners! There are so many great products out there! I love SUN in Medium by Giesee. (Thank you, Ally, for introducing me.) Another favorite is Loreal Sublime Bronze that can be purchased at Target! Both products give great color results and minimal streaking. It may take you a time or two to master application, but really fairly easy! AND, skin cancer-free! (I apply every two to three days!)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Here’s a shot of my eyelashes after using GrandeLASH for a few months!


I am LOVING GrandeLASH-MD for enhancing my lashes. My lashes are fuller, longer, and just better all around from using this product! I would recommend ordering it through a cosmetologist or esthetician! My dad (who doesn’t normally notice things) has even asked me if I am wearing false eyelashes! LOL! I would say this product is a keeper!

What are your top beauty must-haves? Please share!


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