My Favorite Board Games for Kids


IMG_4321I LOVE playing games, and I think I might be a bit addicted to buying games that I can play with my boys. Games can be a great tool for learning, and they make great ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts, too! We love to play games as a family, and I particularly enjoy playing games with my oldest during my toddler’s nap time.

Here are a list of 7 games we have and love around our home, plus 10 more that are on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas! (A couple more of our favorites are listed in this post: “My Favorite Toys for Boys 5 & Under.”)

7 Games We Love

#1 Zingo!

You guessed it! Zingo! is like Bingo but for kids! You can buy different versions based on your child’s age. Some options include sight words, numbers, and pictures.

#2 Uno

Okay, this is a classic; but my boys have loved playing it over and over since Grandma gave them a Spiderman set last year for Christmas. We play with our cards face-up when my 3-year-old plays.

#3 Rivers, Roads, & Rails

This game is never the same twice. It is great for matching and planning ahead. (Suggested Ages: 5-12.)

#4 Guess Who?

Yes, I remember this game when it first came out. I found this version for $1 at a garage sale this summer! We LOVE it! My 3-year-old can play with a bit of help. My boys attempt to play alone but sometimes need a bit of help. This version has six different cards you can choose from. My boys happen to love the animal card and the monster card. (Suggested Ages: 8-12. [My oldest was 5 when I bought this and he could play it just fine.])

#5 Catan Junior

My hubby is a huge fan of the strategy game Settlers of Catan. I had been eyeing the junior version for a while for my 6-year-old. One day I just happened to look at the games in Target and saw it on clearance, so I grabbed it to save for a gift for him. We all enjoy playing this version (except my 3-year-old), and it is perfect for some one-on-one time my oldest. (Suggested Ages: 6-10.)

#6 Spot it Jr.! Animals

All four of us love playing this game. The directions have several different variations you can play. I love it when my 3-year-old “spots it” before us! (Suggested Ages: 4-15. [My 3-year-old can play with minimal help/coaching.])

#7 Hiss

This game is a similar concept the Rivers, Roads, & Rails but more basic and better for younger children. We played this at a friend’s home and had a lot of fun. Great game to help reinforce colors. (Suggested Ages: 3-15 years.)

10 Games on My WishlistIMG_4104

  1. Qwirkle – (Ages: 6 & up)
  2. Zoologic – (Ages: 5-15)
  3. Camelot Jr. – (Ages: 4-9)
  4. IQ Twist – Great for independent play. (Ages: 6-8)
  5. Hide and Seek Pirates – Single-player logic game. (Ages: 5 & up)
  6. Farming Games Kids – (Ages: 3-8)
  7. Richard Scarry’s Busytown – One of a few different games based on Richard Scarry’s characters. (Ages: 3-8)
  8. Hoot Owl Hoot! – This is a cooperative game. According to the description on Amazon, “Players work together to help the owls fly back to their nest before the sun comes up.” (Ages: 4 & up)
  9. Ruckus Family Edition – (Ages: 8 & up)
  10. Pix Mix! – A friend told me about this game. She said younger children can play because the game doesn’t require reading skills. (Ages: 8 & up)

I could go on, but I think I better stop! (Thanks to Amazon’s “customers who bought this item also bought…” feature, I just added several more items to my wishlist….)

So, tell me! What are YOUR favorite games to play with your children, and what are their ages?


  1. Thanks for this list! Its always a bit of a challenge to find great games for young kids that aren’t annoying for mom & dad to play 🙂 My three favorites are The Busytown Eye Found It! game (awesome for even three year olds and its a team concept- you all win or all lose together!), Pop o matic Trouble (5+) and Scrabble Junior (5+). I love Scrabble Junior but it takes a while to play.

  2. haverlee Thanks I better hope on amazon and add those to my wishlist.  I haven’t seen scrabble jr.  that sounds like a great game for my oldest to work on spelling and reading skills!

  3. Fun list. I was born and raised in Perry, IA not far from Des Moines. I live in Texas now. My kids are 9 and 12 and we love Telestrations which is a cross between Pictionary and the old Telephone game and it leads to A LOT of laughter. Great for a group of 8 or fewer. Some words are too hard for my then 8 year old.

    • Thanks for the comments! I have been to Perry a few times. I love their Tea Room! Telestrations sounds like a good family game and maybe a great Christmas gift idea!

  4. Stopping over from the Madison Moms Blog. We love board games in our family, too. You’ve just reminded me that I bought Qwirkle at a consignment sale and hid it somewhere for when it was time to give it to my son… Ahhh. Now where did I hide it? I think Rivers, Roads, and Rails might be on the Christmas present list! I think I have to wait a year for Catan, Jr. I have an original (German) Catan, so I love Catan and other such games. Thanks for the post.


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