My Experience Breastfeeding Twins


newborn twins. breastfeeding twins. Des Moines MomThroughout my entire pregnancy, I planned to breastfeed my twins. I breastfed my first and it was truly the greatest bonding experience. I began reading many blogs about tandem feeding, while it was very intimidating, I knew I wanted to give it a try.

Having a 22-month-old at home and newborn twins, I wanted to make the most of my time. I had a great pregnancy, and we made it to 35 weeks! Yes! This was the goal to try to avoid NICU time, so I was incredibly grateful. However, my little premies needed some extra care in the NICU.

My plans did not change. I immediately met with a lactation consultant so when my loves were able to feed, I would be ready. Weeks went by before I could even hold both of my boys at the same time let alone attempt tandem breastfeeding.

Finally, we made the move to the ‘Feeders and Growers’ side of the NICU, where I finally got to have the most wonderful moment with my boys.

Don’t get me wrong. Tandem breastfeeding was beyond challenging and frustrating, but we got into a great rhythm. I made the commute to the NICU to be at every feeding and tried to still give my toddler the love and attention he needed.

Days into this new routine, I was told both of my twins were dairy intolerant. That’s ok! I will go dairy-free and continue breastfeeding. After many weeks, we were able to take our boys home.

I got into a groove of having three kids under two. It was a balancing act. With two newborn babies and a toddler who was clingy, I was focusing on one day at a time.

Trust Your Gut

My motherly instincts were telling me my babies weren’t feeling well. So we headed to the pediatrician. While there, she told me something in my diet wasn’t being tolerated by either baby. So, we decided it would be best for my new babies to start special formula.

It was so tough making this decision. The three of us worked so hard and even graduated from the NICU as breastfed babies. I felt like the hardest part was over, we were going to succeed at tandem breastfeeding.

BUT, that was not the case.

I cried. A lot.

My plan didn’t work. I felt like I’d failed as a mom. I am not giving my babies the “best” start in life. It was my job to breastfeed my premature babies as I read many times breastmilk was best.

It took me days to realize it is perfectly acceptable for my babies to have formula. Plans change. I didn’t fail.

I set my standards so high. I needed to stop obsessing over trying to do it all. As a new mom of twins, I began learning to let some things go and accepting I cannot do it all. I also focused on knowing nothing in life is linear, and I needed to enjoy the curves. Even though my little cutie pies weren’t getting breastmilk, they were thriving on a formula that made them happier! Hey, less crying, I’ll take it.

Letting Go

I got my toddler and husband involved in feeding the twins. Our son loved being the helpful big brother. I started pumping and even donating my milk to premature babies. It was comforting knowing I was helping other families. Being a mom is all about choices and challenges. I took this time to change and grow my perspectives. As moms, want to do what is best for our children. Formula or breastfed – it is a choice we make and one that is best for our own family.


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