Summer Essentials for Moms On the Go


summer essentials for momAs a mom of three boys and a dual teacher family, we are on the go a lot. I no longer carry a diaper bag (yay, diaper-free household!), but I still need to make sure I’m prepared when we’re away from home.

Here’s a list of summer essentials I keep in my bag or in the van 

First Aid Kit (or at least bandages): I feel like we’re always getting a scraped knee or pinched finger when we’re out and about in the summer. I’ve been caught too many times without supplies for boo-boos, so I invested in a first aid kit for the van (finally), and I also stuck a few bandages in my purse, too. 

Sunscreen: This is a kind of a duh, but how many times have I forgotten it, too many. I try to keep a couple around the house so I can grab one on the go.

Cheap sunglasses: I have a pair of nice sunglasses, but when I’m out with the kids, I have multiple pairs of cheapies so if they get broken it’s no big deal. Walmart has a whole rack of pairs for $5. You can totally find one to fit your style. 

Hand sanitizer: I love getting yummy scents of hand sanitizer because the kids love to put it on (maybe a little too much), but it gets the job done and I enjoy using it too. Pair this with baby wipes and you basically have a clean-up kit!

Cute baseball hat: My hair can be a hot mess in the summer, frizzy from humidity and sometimes just out of control. Being able to throw on a cute baseball hat and go is perfect!

Water Bottles: I have one of these Camelbak water bottles for each of my boys, plus a couple extra. They are great for on the go, they don’t leak, and they are easy to refill. 

Wipes: Even though we’re a diaper-free house, I feel like we’re going to have baby wipes around forever! They come in handy for so much: getting sunscreen off hands, wiping up sticky messes, cleaning up a spill, and more. 

Extra sets of clothes: You never know when a mess will happen, be it a bathroom accident, a spill, or getting extra dirty. I have a gallon bag with a full extra outfit for each boy in the van. I plan to keep it there or replace it if we have to use it all summer. 

I’m trying to be more prepared now that I’m not toting a diaper bag around. What am I forgetting?



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