6 Easy Ways to Nurture Your Mom Friendships During the Holidays


mom friendships. moms whisperingI get it, it’s hard to even think about anything but your to-do list this time of year. There are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. 

This time of year is supposed to be the jolliest but things like friendship and connection that bring vibrancy to our life get pushed to the wayside making us cranky (read more about holiday crankiness here). 

We were made for connection and friendship, so how can we make time to nurture our mom friendships this holiday season? Here’s how.

6 Easy Way to Nurture Your Mom Friendships during the holidays

1. Plan informal get-togethers with your mom friends

The key is to plan it. Text a couple of dates and times and put it in the calendar.  It might be an after bedtime coffee date or morning play date. Your home doesn’t have to be picked up and you don’t have to serve anything at all. 

2. Schedule an event

Whether it’s a cookie exchange, favorite things party, brunch while the kids are in preschool or a Christmas party. Put a date on the calendar and invite your friends over. Remember they are coming for the company and encouragement, not a perfectly picked-up home and 5-star food. Those things are optional! It doesn’t have to be fancy to be fun.

3.  Complete a to-do list item together

Since both of your to-do lists are long, make a date to do it together. It could be Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, or making cookies together. You will have so much more fun and you will fill up your heart while marking that item off the to-do list.

4.  Go on a Double Date

Split the cost of a babysitter (or each gets their own) and enjoy a night on the town! Do a little shopping, go ice skating, go to a coffee shop, see a Christmas concert, or enjoy a quiet, hot meal with adult conversation.

5. Talk regularly

If you can’t get together in person, replicate face-to-face interaction with the Marco Polo app. You can leave a video message of any length and the other person can watch it and respond when they are available. If you would rather just leave a long voicemail-type message, try Voxer.

The holidays can be stressful and many people carry burdens. Even the friend who seems to have it all together is not immune to discouragement and feeling overwhelmed this time of year. Talking regularly will help you to be a support to one other.

6.  Surprise them with a small token of your affection

Moms are the unsung heroes of Christmas. What does your friend love? If they love fountain soda, take it to her one day. Who doesn’t love a thoughtful surprise? It will certainly brighten your friend’s day and yours too.  

We were made for community.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive to take time away from your to-do list, carving out time for mom friendship will give you a boost greater than a triple shot grande latte! We all need a boost to get us through the most wonderful but crazy time of year.

How will you nurture your mom friendships this holiday season?



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