Memory Loss: Can You Relate?


As mothers, I think we all suffer from memory loss.

Not only while we are pregnant (appropriately named “pregnancy brain”), but also after each baby is born. I feel like I lose part of my brain function with each baby. Like, they take a piece of my brain as they are born. I don’t like relying on my phone to remind me of upcoming events, or forgetting moments with my children, or not remembering people’s names! It drives me crazy!

I do appreciate a certain level of memory loss, however.

My hubby and I were having a conversation about the day our son, Drake, was born. We love the memories that we create with our kids. I think their birth days are extra special since, obviously, they do not remember that particular day. It is incredible to reminisce and talk about all of the things that made that day unforgettable. I love watching my girls react to each individual story.

As we were talking about Drake’s birth day, I was able to remember the moment the nurse said- “It looks like your water broke. You get to stay!”. That first little cry that he let out, and that continued for another 2 minutes straight. The cute little oxygen mask on his face. The first time I held him in the recovery room. The first time his sisters walked in and fell in love with him. The first nap we took in the hospital bed. The first midnight feeding. The moment we agreed on a name! These are the memories that are forever etched in my mind.

My hubby could recall all of these sweet moments as well, but he was also able to relive the moment of disappointment as labor was not moving very quickly and we were almost sent home. The look on my face as the epidural was not doing it’s job. The scariness of having the NICU rush him off to the nursery as soon as he was born. These are the scary parts of labor and delivery. I am grateful that while I can recall them, I don’t really remember the feelings they brought. I can’t imagine the intense pain of the contractions, or the frightened look on my hubby’s face as I almost blacked out, or the urgency of the doctor’s voice as Drake was being born.

I am thankful that God gives us that memory loss…. so we are ready to do it all over again. To experience a love so intense, so undeniably life-changing that we would take on all of the aches and pains of child bearing time and time again.

For this memory loss, I am grateful.



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