Meet Samantha Bachus


Samantha Bacchus

Hey guys! I can’t tell you how excited I am to connect with you all and share my story.

I am Samantha Bachus. I was born and raised in Northern Iowa. I attended the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis where I received my Cosmetology License and then moved West to Colorado! I met my husband behind the chair and spent my 20s exploring and taking full advantage of everything the Rocky Mountains had to offer.

About a year and half after our wedding my husband Brittain, an OG Floridian thought it was time for us to move our lives and 2 dogs to Iowa! So we packed up a trailer and headed closer to my family back in Iowa. We landed in Des Moines and have been loving it ever since. At the time we weren’t sure exactly what was calling us to be here in Des Moines but we would quickly realize all the God moments that would keep us here.
Growing our family has been a journey that involves infertility, miscarriage, depression, anxiety, and loss. We finally got pregnant with our twins, but that wasn’t easy either. I had an emergency C-section at the end of my high-risk pregnancy and was sent home with one baby while the other spent 21 days in the NICU.
Life with newborn twins was more than hard and isolating and lonely. When the twins were around 6 months old I finally accepted that I was really struggling with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety and reached out for help.
Then, my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I became obsessed with riding the toxins in my life. I found a new passion for helping other mothers do the same. I began building incredible relationships with mothers all over the country also experiencing loss, postpartum depression, miscarriage, and all the things that make parenting so dang hard. I truly thrive when I am helping others. (The enneagram 2 in me!) The twins are 3 now and finding a community of likeminded moms has been a game-changer for me.
My dad passed away in March of this year but it wasn’t without an enormously inspiring fight. One month to the day of my Dad’s funeral, I found myself in an operating room having emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. And two months later we were back in Hospice at my Grandmother’s side as she took her final breath.
This year has been the most challenging of my life. But I have found comfort in connection. We are all fighting battles no one knows about. We all have this “stuff” to deal with. And my biggest lesson is that we NEED each other. We need someone to confide in, to cry with, to make us laugh again. And that is what I hope to bring you all. A perspective of resilience and what can happen if we open ourselves up to true, authentic connection within our community.
I am so proud to be apart of this Des Moines Moms Blog community. To connect and align with you in this season and the ever-changing seasons to come! Looking forward to sharing and connecting with you all! 
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Samantha is an Iowa native who retreated to the mountains of Colorado for a few years. After meeting and marrying her husband they decided to move to Des Moines to be closer to family. She is surviving twin motherhood and living to laugh about it. She has a passion for helping other mothers detoxify their homes and support them through the toughest trials of motherhood. You can find her exploring nature with her kiddos as much as possible and leading other women with authenticity and encouragement


  1. This is beautifully written, Sam!!! Love you so much and I’m so proud of you! I can’t wait to see you soar on yet another wonderful adventure!


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